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Remix reveals!

For the record, I was pretty sure circ_bamboo had written Repeat Offender (The Pro Bono Remix). Not many people write such fabulous OFC's! If you have not read the story yet, you should. It's all about wild, pre-academy Jim Kirk and the very reluctant Starfleet JAG sent to defend him. I do not know my other remixers, but I will be checking out their LJ's soon because the stories were all fabulous!

I wrote four remixes this year, and I am happy with how they turned out. The Pike/One story may as well have had my name on it (circ_bamboo totally knew I wrote it), but I don't think the other ones were so identifiable. All the stories will be posted here soon, but for now, here are the AO3 links.

Extraordinary (It's Not the Years, It's the Mileage Remix) - BtVS - Xander/Dawn
Sunnydale may be a hole in the ground, but when Xander sees Dawn, he feels like he's come home.
A remix of Extraordinary by cindergal

Cold Shot (Indecision, Revision, but No Reversal Remix) - STXI - Pike/One
The trouble with loving your captain is that sometimes you have to shoot him.
A remix of Cold Shot by circ_bamboo

You Lead, I Lead, You Follow, I Follow (The Cold Hands, Warm Heart Remix) - Sherlock - Sherlock/John
When John is wounded after a chase, Sherlock refuses to leave his side.
A remix of You Lead, I Lead, You Follow, I Follow by brighteyed_jill

Better Awkward Than Pretty (The Jealous Little Sister Remix) by penknife - Harry Potter - Narcissa, Andromeda, Bellatrix
No one would ever think awkward Andromeda Black would have anything to envy. Narcissa knows otherwise.
A remix of Awkward by penknife