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Springtime Gen & Holmestice

Does anybody know what's up with springtime_gen? According to the communnity info, posting is supposed to begin no later than April 22, but it's the 24th now and no stories have gone up. I received an acknowledgement email when I sent in my story a couple weeks ago, so I know the mods haven't completely disappeared. I hope they're okay, but I also hope we receive an update about the fest soon. Do you think it would be okay to PM and ask about the delay, or shall I just leave it?

Also, does anyone know when holmestice assignments are going out? Stories are due on May 20, which is less than a month away. I want to start working on my queer_fest story, but not if I'm going to have to stop in a couple days to work on a different assignment.
I heard holmestice assignments go out tomorrow. I hope they do, because this weekend is baaaaasically the only time I have to work on mine before the deadline, eep! Man, summer fic commitments...
I hope so too! The turnaround is pretty tight as it is, and I definitely need to get started soon.
I'm curious, too about springtime_gen. I think this was the mods' first year? They're hopefully just getting everything together. I hope you do queer_fest this year! I've got two I'm working on, but I'm not sure I'll finish the one in time.
I might email the mod tomorrow if they haven't posted any announcements. I don't want to complain too loudly if the mods have some hideous IRL issue to take care of, but I'm feeling a little peeved. I busted my ass to make that deadline!

I think I will get my queer_fest story done. It's just a question of whether to start working on it now or wait for the Sherlock assignment to come in. I like my story idea a lot, but it feels like it might be really, really long...

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The timeline on holmestice says assignments go out today. I'm pretty anxious to get mine so I can start. Last year, my story got left till the last minute and I was never satisfied with it. :/
That's a relief! I don't think I've ever done a gift exchange with less than a month to finish before.