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The luckiest remixee in the whole wide world

I got six remixes this year! I haven't even had a chance to read them all yet, but I'm too excited not to post right now.

Harry Potter
The Right Armor for Dungeon Crawling (Knights in Darkness Mix) (640 words) by Anonymous
That did beg the question: what was the right armor for dungeon crawling?

Triplicate (The Emily Dickinson Lives Forever Remix) (1036 words) by Anonymous
Three times John Watson stops death.

What You Dare (The Ripple Effect Remix) (2025 words) by Anonymous
Sally Donovan is tired of being taken for granted.</p>

She's not the only one with a bit of a history in that regard.

I'm Checking Out-Goombye (The What's New Pussy-Cat mix) (2413 words) by Anonymous
A different point of view on the break-up [of Sally and Anderson].

No One's Bait (Fight Club Mix) (1725 words) by Anonymous
“In the flesh,” Moriarty says, breathing into her ear like the creepiest creeper on the planet, and that's the moment that Anthea vows she is taking him down.

Star Trek
Repeat Offender (the Pro Bono Remix) (1551 words) by Anonymous
Jim Kirk has absolutely no desire to show up in court and defend himself on his latest set of charges. Neither does his attorney. They both do it anyway.

Eek. How is it 10:15 already?! I hope I can read all of these before I go to bed, but if not, please leave them some love for me!

I got one up and posted before the collection went live. I was really happy with it. I'm still tinkering with another one that my beta couldn't look at until today. If I can make it perfect, I'll sneak it in, otherwise I'll just have to let it go. Or, you know, I could file off the serial numbers and turn it into a stand-alone story.

When I'm done tinkering, I'll get back to reading. I should be able to get through all of the stories in fandoms I have some familiarity with--there aren't that many.