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Remix Madness

Remix Madnessis open for business. To play, you only need to leave a comment with a list of your fandoms and a link to your stories. All fandoms are game, and you can participate regardless of whether you signed up for the main remix fest.

I am already overwhelmed by trying to read through people's masterlists. If you sign up, link me to your post and tell me if you have a story that you think would be fun to remix? Don't be shy!
I don't think you can screw up remix! I think this is one exchange where everyone is just happy to see what someone else did with their stories.
It is overwhelming, isn't it? I've decided to try and focus on writers I already know, and probably only shorter stories. Even so, the number of things to choose from is still staggering!
I quit going through the sign-up post a while ago but I've already got no fewer than six different drafts, if not started, then at least contemplated. Oy. (I'm also focusing on writers I generally already know.)
I've already submitted three to the AO3 collection. I'd really like to do one more, but I think I've exhausted my ability to dig through even my friends' masterlists...
I am also overwhelmed. Especially since Five Acts is this week, too, I have too many tabs open, aaargh!

Here is my list.

Things I think would be fun to remix? Um... perhaps We Sister Ships of Different Times, which is Firefly/Star Trek from Uhura's POV. Or perhaps I Lead, You Lead, I Follow, You Follow, which features Sherlock taking care of a feverish John. But sometimes what seems fun for one person to remix would not seem fun to another person!
The variety is staggering isn't it? I am trying to focus on shorter stories by people I know, but I am still overwhelmed!

Thank you for the links. I am contemplating that Sherlock one. Hopefully an idea will strike!
I'm also doing a lot of A03 reverse-sorting by word count. I want to remix everything, but time, oh time is my enemy.
I hear you! I have found some lovely stories that I could write quite elaborate remixes for, but there's no way I can finish them by the deadline.
Oh, you HORRID person. I just spent 3 hours wandering through ONE master list. >_< The stories are due by next Monday?
I know! I was looking for something I could remix quickly, and instead I am reading someone's ENTIRE master list with no thoughts of what to write. It's a good wayto find new authors though, isn't it?

I can't remember the due date exactly. Maybe Sunday? I know it's in the sign-up post.