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Buffy prompts wanted

I signed up for a Buffy fest because I was feeling nostalgic. I can do pretty much anything I want, so long as it's at least 1,000 words. Who's got prompts? All female characters welcome except ones who appeared only in season seven. Knowing me, I'm more likely to write genfic than anything else, but I'm open to canonical ships and post-Chosen Xander/Dawn too. No Angel prompts, please.

I finished and posted my remix last night, and I am in the final polishing stages of springtime_gen. Remix probably needs a touch more work, but I'm out of town on the due date, so I wanted to get it posted now. Luckily, it's hosted on AO3 so I can edit at my leisure. Springtime_gen is frustrating me a bit. I spent last night eliminating gratuitous adjectives, adverbs, and adjective clauses and removed about 500 words. *hangs head in shame* There's a scene I'd like to cut too, but it contains a character my recipient requested, so I don't know if I can do away with it. I have until Sunday to decide.
Scoobies - they each have their own defense mechanism. What are they and who sees through whose?
I've always wanted to know more about Kendra, and either her childhood or her adventures between "What's My Line?" and "Becoming."
Miss Calendar trying to split up Buffy/Angel because she can't ignore what he is.

Buffy in the asylum (pre-show)

Crazy, rat-poison, lunch lady started out perfectly normal.