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5 Sherlock Remix Recs

An Attentive Mummy by chibifukurou - Mummy Holmes
In this story, Mummy is a vivid, complex, and unsentimentalized character. Her history and her relationships with her children are fascinating, and the end will have you reaching for the tissue box. If you love stories that flesh out hidden female characters, don't miss this one.

Practical Angora Goat Raising (The Observer's Paradox Remix) by mad_maudlin - Sherlock/John, NC-17
The story of Sherlock and John slowly developing a relationship while negotiating Sherlock's asexuality is pretty familiar in this fandom, but this remix stands out for Sherlock's tightly written POV. The short, sharp vignettes each show us some new detail of Sherlock and John's life together, and the resolution to their difficulties makes total sense.

Beginners by sciosophia - Sherlock/Sally
This brief story relates an achingly plausible moment in a relationship Sherlock and Sally might have had a long time ago. Good Sally POV is hard to find, and this story is a lovely example.

Of Monarchs and Severed Heads (Man in a Blue Box Remix) by coloredink - Sherlock, John, Queen Victoria (yes, really)
A clever and funny Dr. Who crossover with a surprisingly chilling ending.

Certainty by tartancravat - Sally, John, Lestrade
I've been looking for a good Sally story set after Reichenbach Fall, and this one delivers. Sally is exceptionally well-characterized, and the minimalist style really suits the story.