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Hitting the Remix Jackpot

I certainly struck the jackpot at sherlock_remix this morning. I got three stories! I don't even know how that happened. They are three beautifully written and well-characterized stories too.

We are the Only Two Speakers of Our Language is a lovely slice of Sherlock cooking with his grandmother, taken from a teeny little scene in The December War.

Not What Boys Do (The Confirmed Bachelor Remix) is an impressive overview of John's life, especially when you consider that it came from my tiny scrap of a story Not What Boys Do. The details about John's mother were especially heartbreaking and true.

I Kept the Right Ones Out examines some interesting parallels between John and Mycroft, most notably Mycroft's decision to repay John's care of Sherlock by watching out for Harry. The characterization of Mycroft and John is very well done, and a very interesting perspective on the events of A Most Uncomfortable Parallel.

In other news, hp_friendship posted its prompt list today. I spotted something I wanted almost immediately, but I'm still deciding whether to claim it. I feel like I've been writing HP non-stop lately, and I'm starting to miss Sherlock and Star Trek. Also, the Buffy fest I wanted to do is not making mandatory beta assignments any more, so I could go back and sign up for it. Decisions, decisions...
I really enjoyed the cooking story, thank you for linking. :D
Hmmm, I totally feel you with the too much HP thing. I love it, I really do, but I'm a little burned out on it too. That said, the HP friendship fest screams your name! :) I miss Trek but I can't seem to get inspired to write anything on my own. And there are sadly much fewer fests to play in on the Trek side of fandom. I'm hoping for another fandom surge when the new movie gets closer. Also YAY for Buffy fest! I say sign up for that and friendship and maybe we'll have to gauge interest in another where_no_woman prompt fest for the summer months! I've never written in Buffy verse but I might have to start reading over there and see what's what. not like I really need anything else to distract me right now! ;-)

Also, this awesome Malfoy family fic was over at next gen fest. While next gen isn't really your thing, I don't think, I think you'd really enjoy this. Short and some great looks into the family. It says it's a Scorpius/Rose piece, but ignore that-- it's alluded to but not even mildly the focus of the story.
Well, I took your advice and signed up for both. Now here's hoping I get both stories done!

I am not really in contact with any sort of Buffy fandom, but I do have a recs post of (mostly older) stories coming out soon. I wrote a little Buffy ficlet a couple months ago and really enjoyed it - there are just so many good stories in that fandom! It's worth trying out if you need something new to play with.

Thank you for the link - I'll check it out!