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Recs: 2 Jossverse, 1 HP, 4 Sherlock

I can't even remember the last time I went so long without a rec post! I've been hiding from Sherlock fandom a bit, I have to admit - I just don't feel like reading morose post-series two fics, and that's what seems to proliferate these days. If you've got any recs that aren't about someone grieving, pass them along please!

Dead End Detour (Wrong Turning Remix) (2088 words) by faviconhereticalvision - Faith, Angel, OFC
Buffy's dead, Faith's in prison, and a new slayer hasn't been called. For the Watcher's Council, poisoning Faith is the obvious course of action. Faith is both bitter and poignant here, and Angel is just the right kind of caring. The story gets bonus points for fleshing out the Council's assassin in an interesting way.

The Memories She Carries by thistlerose - Zoe-centric, with appearances by Mal and Wash
Zoe has a beautiful ring with a beautiful history. This fic captures Zoe's blend of toughness and softness perfectly. A quick read and well worth your time.

Harry Potter
Into the Silence by lyras - Snape
Of all the sacrifices Snape made for the Order, the hardest may have been his lonely year as the headmaster of Hogwarts' after Dumbledore's death. This fic explores the emotional challenges of that year without giving into the temptation of excessive angst. The ending is masterful, as are the small moments of peace and beauty peppered throughout the story. One of the best Snape character studies I've ever read.

Smolder by keelywolfe - Sherlock/John, NC-17
I know it's wrong, but I think smoking is really, really sexy. And Sherlock smoking? Even more irresistible. John thinks so too.

Unconventional Decor (3419 words) by faviconcoloredink - Sherlock/John
John never sleeps in Sherlock's bed, and Sherlock wants to figure out why. This is exactly the sort of Sherlock/John story I love, the kind where Sherlock is caring in a scientific sort of way, and a little dysfunctional besides. John gets that, and he's willing to cut Sherlock some slack, but he's not a doormat either.

Good Morning Good Morning (1334 words) by favicon - Sherlock/John
This story uses John's morning routine to illuminate Sherlock and John's relationship. It's such a tiny slice of their life together, but it demonstrates their small misunderstandings and their resolutions perfectly.

A Meta on Professional Dominatrices by eldritchhorrors
This is not a fic, and it is not about Sherlock directly, but I've included it here because it was posted in response to "A Scandal in Belgravia" to help writers understand Irene Adler's character. However, you don't need to watch Sherlock to understand this post, and it's useful for understanding other fandoms or simply assuaging your personal curiosity. Written by a former dominatrix, it details the psychological backgrounds of dominatrices and their clients, what services a dominatrix performs, and all sorts of other fascinating details (not to mention a really hilarious story about the author's encounter with a bumbling member of the vice squad).
Belated thanks for the rec! So glad you liked the story.