hp: dumbledores army

So many fests to choose from (and angst over!)

1) Promting is open at hp_friendship! Even if you don't want to claim a prompt, I really hope that you'll go leave one...or five, as that's the maximum the fest allows. Y'all know how much I love my Harry Potter genfic, so I'm hoping for a wide range of prompts to choose from.

2) Claiming is open at queer_fest, and I snagged a shiny prompt: Rather than having the whole coming out speech, Percy just decides to dance with Oliver at Ginny's wedding. Molly is hurt that he didn't tell her before. I have yet to actually finish a story for this fest, though I have tried every year. Hopefully the third time will be the charm. I think the Harry Potter prompts are the bestest out of all my fandoms, but there are some nice ones for Sherlock too, and some interesting ones for Star Trek as well.

3) I am angsting over springtime_gen because I'm focusing on just one of the characters my recipient requested. On the other hand, I've included several plot elements and themes she asked for - almost all of them, in fact. What matters to you most when you're receiving a story -- the characters or the plot/themes? If you got a story that was only about one character you asked for, would you be disappointed even if it had lots of other things that you requested?

4) Contemplating remix. I have narrowed my recipient's rather extensive repetoire down to one clear favorite, plus a back up in case that story doesn't work for some reason. I know that I want to change the POV, but musesfool's post about remixing has me thinking about what else I should do. I think she's right - sometimes changing the POV really doesn't change enough. I really like the idea of reframing the story as a flashback, or adding flashbacks to the original story, but I'm concerned about accomplishing that in the time I have to work with.

5) Perhaps I should write a story that's not for a fest. You know, so I could post it whenever it was finished instead of sitting on it for weeks or occasionally months.
I'm really tempted by that queer_fest prompt about whether Amelia or Griselda should come out at the Ministry. I've got some time to think about it. . .

In terms of exchanges for me generally, it's the characters that matter more to me than the themes. But as long as there's one of the ones I specified, that's usually enough.
That is an interesting prompt! I was tempted by it too, and I might have taken it if I had thought about either of those characters before.

I know will be able to get in at least one more of my recipient's requested characters, though possibly only in one scene. I think I might be able to work in one more of her preferred characters too, though it would also be in a supporting role. Hopefully favorite character + 2 preferred characters in supporting roles + several plot elements will be good enough because I'm not sure I have the time or ideas to start over.
Personally, I would be more than delighted with something that really delved into just one character on my list. When I signed up for the fest last year, that was totally my intention. I almost prefer really to get into one person rather than smash a huge ensemble cast in and only get bits and pieces of them all. So if your recipient were me (which s/he is obviously not, but could still have similar feelings!), s/he'd be thrilled with a fic that used a lot of the themes and focused on just one character. As long as it was a character listed that they had a lot of interest in, I don't think that it matters. That's me though. I'd be genuinely delighted with a fic like that. But I do love character studies. *shrugs* I wouldn't worry.

I know! So many fests! I am trying so hard not to sign up for many things, because I'm so busy with other rl stuff, but I wants them alllllll! *Gollum grabby hands* I'm trying to think up some good prompts for friendship fest.

I'm still desperately trying to finish my fics for Beholder and Femmefest, neither of which is very close to being finished, and both of which are due frightfully soon. *frets*

Also, yay for more HP prompts at Queer Fest being claimed! :) One of my first fanfics ever was for Queer Fest's predecessor LGBTfest, and it's always fun to see the great turn out and high quality over there.

Good luck with everything! :)