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My remix assignment has arrived at last! The author is someone whom I recognize from my earliest fic-reading days, which is kind of neat. We match in one fandom that I offered, and she has several stories in a fandom that I didn't offer but kind of wanted to. My first thought is that this is a very promising assignment - I see lots of pairings that I like, and lots of shorter stories that are probably ripe for expansion. There are so many stories to read though! It's going to take forever to decide what to remix, I'm afraid. Luckily, spring break begins at 3:50 p.m. tomorrow, so I have ample time on my hands.

Have you gotten your assignments? Are you happy?
Yay assignments! Mine is someone whose work I've read frequently; we match in two fandoms. But I'm in the same boat; there is tons to read through before I figure out what to remix. Let the reading commence!
I've never matched with anyone I actually knew prior to the exchange. That sounds like it would be fun!
I'm not participating so no assignment for me. But yours sounds like a very happy match and what fortunate timing with the spring break, too! *\o/*
Definitely happy. Actually matched on a (slightly) smaller fandom for a change, have lots of fandoms I'm familiar with, and lots of things to choose from. Time to get readin'! (I think that's one of my favorite parts about remix - being given a specific reason to read an author I might not have encountered otherwise!)

Yes, I've had quite a lot of fun going through my remixee's fic. It's neat to explore someone whose ideas are totally different from yours!
I got someone whose work I've never, ever read before, so looking at the huge masterlist I'm all "yay! reading time!". so yeah, I'm pretty sure it'll take me forever to decide what to remix.
I thought it was going to take me forever to decide too, but one of my recipient's stories caught my eye almost immediately, and I've got a back up in mind in case it doesn't work out. Now to figure out how to actually write it!