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Meme: if I were the ruler of fandom...

Stolen from various people on my flist, though I am a bit late to the party...

1. All fandoms would have active female-centric comms, preferably with lots of organized challenges and activities.
2. There would be as much genfic and femslash as there is het and boyslash.
3. There would be two remixes per year.
4. Harry Potter fests would not always be anonymous, and if they were, they wouldn't stay anonymous for quite so long.
5. Everyone would actively work to represent diversity, but everyone would be free to choose the groups and people they are best capable of representing in their stories, recs, and prompts.

I could probably write more, but five feels like a good number.
not particularly on topic, but are you aware of Upstairs Downstairs on the BBC? probably the only tv show i've seen which has a varied cast but the fandom OTP is two women (canonically gay but only a couple in one episode because one of them is only a guest star, not a series regular) as opposed to a male/male or straight couple, AND the fandom's overall favourite character BY FAR is a middle-aged woman.