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I have been a terrible fangirl lately! I manage to skim my flist most nights, but reading stories and making comments have become unfortunate rarities. I'm just back from a trip to Boston, and I'll only be home for two days before the next out of town trip, so as you can see, time is at a premium. Even though I haven't had much online time, I did stumble across the prompt post for sophia_gratia's Consent Fest. The purpose of the fest is to explore successfully negotiated consent in sexual and non-sexual situations. I know this is an important issue to many of you, so I think it would be awesome if we all left prompts. It's a multifandom fest, and posting day is not until May, so I'm hoping to write something for it when work is less busy.

Star Trek AOS - Gaila/anyone - How does Gaila negotiate consent after being a sex slave?

Star Trek AOS - Spock/Uhura or Amanda/Sarek - consent and Pon Farr

Star Trek AOS - Spock/Uhura or Amanda Sarek - Not having engaged in a sexual relationship before, Spock (or Sarek) has a long conversation with his partner about what kinds of things he is and is not comfortable with.

Star Trek AOS - Kirk/anyone - Negotiating consent is trickier when you outrank your partner. Kirk is concerned that being romantically and/or sexually involved with any crew member is an abuse of power.

Writing is not going terribly well at the moment. I have Sherlock stories started for just about every member of the supporting cast, but none of them seem inclined to get done. My sherlock_remix story is in the final polishing stages though, and my dysfuncentine story was posted a few days ago to surprisingly good feedback. I think I might have lost my ability to evaluate my own work because I thought that story was so horrible I considered dropping out of the fest.

What have you guys been up to?
*waves* HI! I've missed you! Glad to hear that you're still around, just crazy busy.

I'm glad your dysfuncentine fic went over well. That's always a great feeling. I've got an anon fic up at wizard_love which has gotten tons of amazing comments and I've been selfishly /o\ reveling in the love. I can't help but be proud when I get such validating comments, especially when I fret over the fics for ages! :) Glad your work is getting similarly loved upon.

I'm flying a lot ... but I am going away to a cabin up north with Boyfriend this weekend, which will be wonderfully romantic and I'm very excited. We definitely need a bit of a distractions-free getaway and this will be just the ticket.

OH! And technically today is Pancake Day, i.e. it's Fat Tuesday ergo lucky to eat pancakes today. However, IHOP is celebrating NEXT TUESDAY. Pancake Day Observed, if you will. So try to get over to an IHOP before or after school next Tuesday and get a FREE SHORTSTACK! And donate to help children-centric charities. I get so ridiculously excited about pancake day!
Mmmm...panckes! If only I weren't afraid of IHOP. They were responsible for an outbreak of hepatitis in my hometown when I was a teenager, and I ended up having to get a shot... Maybe I will have to celebrate pancake day on my own.

The cabin sounds fun! I hope it is relaxing and romantic and also sexy :)

Which fests are you doing?
Ha, that might be smart then ... but I'll brave it!

I'm sure it will be *can't wait* 2 more days of work ... ugh!

I've got an anon fic up at wizard_love and one submitted to hp_nextgen_fest. I'm working on fics for hp_beholder and femmefest right now. I'll probably sign up for hp_porninthesun too for this summer. I love HP but I'm missing Trek! Have you heard any rumblings about any where_no_woman fests anytime soon? A summer Gaila fest or general ladies fest or something? :)
I'm not sure - the last two fests I have orgnaized over there have had pretty limited response, but maybe by the summer, publicity for the new movie will have generated some interest. I was thinking of maybe posting some of the production stills (the first ones were released yesterday!) and hosting a drabble fest around that. Do you have any ideas for what you'd like to see?
Congratulations! I am not doing a very good job reading fanfic lately, but I shall bookmark it for later reading!
*waves hi*

I am up to nothing exciting, but at least that means I'm not living in exciting times, as the curse says.