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A bad day gets better

Today was an absolutely awful day at work, but I was lucky to come home to my excellent boyfriend and my excellent friends here. wendelah1 had left me a Valentine's heart, the Buffy story I posted last night mysteriously got picked up by a rec journal, and Every Moment a Revolution, a Spock/Uhura story I wrote this summer, got nominated for an award. All of those things make me happy, but the nomination means a great deal to me personally. The story is about Spock being different but feeling comforted and inspired by the example of two of his ancestors, who married shortly after the legalization of gay marriage in Washington State. At the time I wrote the story, gay marriage wasn't actually legal there, but now it is. The story is also the closest I have been able to come to writing about my own experiences as a queer person. Those experiences are mostly positive -- I'm certainly not sorry for the relationship I had with my girlfriend K. -- but I also come from a family and a community where those types of relationships are not accepted, and I work in a profession where queer people sometimes loose their jobs after coming out of the closet. I have WIPs on my hard drive that deal with those prejudices more directly, but somehow they are all too personal, and I've never been able to finish and post one. Anyway, thank you very much to whomever nominated the story - it means more to me than you realize!
Wow, that's such good news! Congratulations! You know, ironically, it's those stories that are our most personal that have the greatest appeal, because they're tapping into that real core that everyone responds to. I'm so glad your story was nommed and received that recognition. I wouldn't worry about the other WIPs; they'll come along in their own time and in their own way, which might be a surprising one. :)

What profession are you in? (just curious).
I agree -- I think the personal stories are most appealing because they are most recognizably true. Even our very individual experiences have more in common with others than we might initially think.

I am a high school teacher.
I love it when fandom is a blessing, and no one deserves that blessing more than you. You absolutely deserve your nomination.