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Britpicker wanted, miscellaneous thoughts on remixing

It's for a 1400 word Sherlock story, and I'd be happy to tell you more about it by email/PM, but I'd rather not post details publicly since it's for sherlock_remix. It's not for any of you, though my recipient and I do have quite a few mutual friends, so you'll have to promise to keep quiet if you know her :)

This was actually one of the easiest remixes I've written, though of course, I panicked at first. My recipient's stories are all very well-written, but completely the opposite of what I like to write. On top of that, even though we haven't interacted before, she seems like a very nice person who really cares about her stories. Remix challenges aren't really gift exchanges, but even so, I wanted to make something that respected the work she'd put into her creations. Then I realized that remixing someone whose writing is different from yours is ideal -- it's much harder to change something that you would've written the exact same way. Plus, it's very easy to take something written after series 1 and re-write it with the events of series 2 in mind. I actually like the story a lot, and I hope my recipient will too.

I may not be posting very much in the next few weeks; I'll be working the next three weekends, two of them for out of town trips. Although I'm keeping up with my flist -- barely! -- I haven't done much commenting, and I'm awfully behind on reading fics. Hopefully, I'll manage a couple posts before spring break, but if not, I'll see you then!
Hi, I'd be up for brit-picking duties if you need someone! I'm not really active in Sherlock fandom but I am British and have pretty good London knowledge. ;)
That would be lovely, thank you! Where shall I send the story? (Feel free to PM if you'd rather not post your email address publicly)