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January Fic Index

It's been ages since I've written enough to make a montly digest post! Of course, I didn't actually write all this in January - I just had lots of stories from anonymous exchanges to post.

Harry Potter
The Journey of A Thousand Miles - Luna, Snape
After the war, Luna Lovegood makes two surprising discoveries: her father betrayed Harry Potter to Voldemort, and Severus Snape is still alive.

The December War - Sherlock/John
Sherlock and Christmas have a lousy history.

A Most Uncomfortable Parallel - Sherlock, John, Harry Watson
Sherlock has more in common with Harry Watson than he'd like to admit. Two small stories about addicts.

Star Trek
Once Upon a Time - Gaila, Chapel, Uhura
Privacy and fairy tales are two concepts that don't translate well into Orion.