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Too many things to sign up for

springtime_gen, an HP genfic exchange, is holding sign-ups right now, and signups at purimgifts and rarewomen are starting soon. Remix sign-ups should be just around the corner too. How on earth is a fangirl to choose? I think springtime_gen is a must; without new canon, HP fandom is going to start shrinking, and I want to enjoy my favorite fests as long as they last. Remix is certainly mandatory too -- I look forward to it the way other look forward to Yuletide, and this is the first year I will qualify in more than one fandom. And I already signed up for sherlock_remix last week, so I guess my dance card is already full. I feel guilty about eliminating the two female-centric fests, but I do write a lot about ladies on my own, so I think it's okay.

In other news, my dentist thinks I need braces (again). Apparently the three years I had them in high school made my bite worse, not better, and my teeth rub on each other in such a way as to remove enamel from the chewing surfaces. Also, apparently it's not normal to have a ring of bite marks all the way around your tongue? I trust my dentist -- if she says I need braces, I probably do. However, I will not be getting them unless a money tree starts growing in my backyard.
You could look into treatment at a dental school. I know UCLA School of Dentistry teaches orthodontics and the treatment there is far more reasonable than from a private dentist.