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Fun Things to Do in Sherlock Fandom

I signed up for sherlock_remix. Who wants to join me? All you need are 5 fics of at least 500 words. Stories aren't due until March 30, so you'd have lots of time to write. But, if remixing isn't your thing, you could just save up prompts for the latest fest at sherlockmas. They will be taking prompts from February 1 to February 6, and then there will be a omment fic fest.

I am feeling torn about what I should write next. I started a Molly ficlet based on one of krossero's prompts, and I could probably finish it and post it tonight. Since I have the bare minimum of qualifying stories for sherlock_remix, I think it would be nice to post a couple more things for my writer to choose from. On the other hand, I can see how I could develop this ficlet into a longer, Molly-centric piece - it would just take awhile. Also, I kind of randomly wrote a Buffy story this weekend for The Bechdel Comment Ficathon, and I can't decide if I should post it as-is (which is about 1000 words) or try to develop it into a real story. Hrm. Decisions, decisions.
Thank you for the encouragement! I think I am leaning toward the longer story, even if finishing it takes awhile.
Come join me! One can never have too many remixes, IMHO, and it probably wouldn't take you that long to knock out five little ficlets. Four, actually, if you've already got one that's not a crossover. Besdies, I am dying to read your take on Sherlock!