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I just claimed The Breakfast Club over at reel_startrek. It was a tough choice between that and 28 Days Later, which would have been a good way to learn to write one of those plotty, actiony fics that I never seem to have ideas for. But then I realized that would entail watching 28 Days Later again, probably quite repetitively, and that movie scares the shit out of me, so...

The claims post just opened up today, so if you're interested in writing fic based on a film, you should check it out! Someone should seriously go claim Breakfast at Tiffany's. Gaila would make an awesome Holly Golightly, McCoy could be the husband she ran away from, Kirk could be Paul (the lead role, the guy who's actually in love with her), and maybe Spock could be the rich Brazilian guy she agrees to marry. I want to read it, but not write it. Okay, maybe I do want to write it, but I have 3 Gaila WIPs open right now, and I'm afraid I'll get sick of her. Someone go claim it for me!
Ooh! Thanks for reminding me of that comm. I had intended to check it out once they posted the movie lists. Haha, I very nearly too 28 days later b/c it is one of my absolute favorite movies, and it doesn't scare me THAT much anymore. But. I'm not sure I could write a zombie adventure. Danny Boyle did it so well. Lol, so I took Pump up the Volume. Spock would totally be running his own pirate radio station out of his basement.

On a side note, that's cool you're a teacher! Me too!
I need to see a million more movies for that whole prompt list to make sense. I have no idea what Pump Up the Volume is, but pirate radio stations sound cool...

What do you teach?
Admittedly, I knew very few movies on the list. I think lots of them were romantic comedies. Which is. Whatever. Pump up the volume is right up there with classic teen angst movies a la Breakfast Club. Christian Slater operates a pirate radio station out of his basement and wreaks havoc in suburban New Mexico. There are threats of expulsion, a car chase with the FCC. It's fantastic.

I teach politics! I'm still finishing my degree. In one of your previous entries I liked the advice you cited from other writers. Did you go to school for writing?
I've never formally studied writing actually, although I do like reading advice books about it. I was an English Lit and Politics double major.