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Sherlock prompts wanted...

I am in *such* a writing mood, and my mind just can't settle on any ideas. Leave me some prompts, I beg of you! Series 2 ideally, but I am not opposed to writing something set during S1.

You should probably assume the comments contain S2 spoilers.
Sally, after the suicide.

Molly, keeping secrets.

Mrs Hudson, offering an assassin tea.

Anthea, keeping Mycroft together.
Why is my brain broken? It's like I can't write anymore now that there aren't exchanges. I like these a lot; I just need to think on them.

...want to join me at sherlock_remix?
Although I am tempted, I'd need to check with shinychimera and we probably won't; we've been having a bad time following through on exchanges lately and we've got one assignment on our plate for km_anthology as it is.
"All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock." I want to know when Mycroft got his heart broken.

And of course I'd love anything to do with Mycroft after The Fall. There have been a lot of great Mycroft-centered fics already, but I love Mycroft so much there could never be enough.

Sally's thoughts after Sherlock's apparent suicide.

Irene hears about Sherlock's death, and being a master of fake deaths, doesn't believe it for a second. (Bonus points for her texting Sherlock's old phone and John replying. (In fact, this is a story that I would write myself, if I had the time/writing mojo.))

Anything to do with Henry Knight or Doctor Stapleton.

That's all I've got for now; I hope something catches your eye, and happy writing!
If you find the time and writing mojo, I want to read that Irene story! In my head canon, Sherlock is hiding out with Irene, but I sort of doubt that's actually the case.

I shall contemplate the Mycroft. I am having a hard time finding anything lovable/forgivable about him right now - I'm thinking more like cold and creepy. But I do really, really like those ideas. *contemplates more*
I've been really wanting post-Fall crossover fic? Like, where Sherlock's going around recruiting people from other fandoms to help him do whatever he's doing in this universe's hiatus.

Bonus points if you manage to get Temperance Brennan from Bones in there.
It's funny - I'd been wanting the exact same thing, like putting all the superheroes together. I shall have to think on this, although I'm not sure that I could actually write it...