August 5th, 2019

spock: logic is sexy

A year away from fandom


I came back to say how bitterly disappointed I am in the new season of Veronica Mars, but I can't remember how to make spoiler cuts, so I can't actually write that entry.

Looking at my AO3 account and seeing that I haven't posted a story in a year is a strange feeling. Writing was a constant in my life for almost ten years, and I just...stopped. There were a lot of reasons. I felt cut off from fandom because LJ/DW were getting so quiet, I still hate tumblr, and I can't feel a real sense of community in an anonymous meme like FFA. My education consulting business is flourishing, and I started working out after school every day, so I only have tiny slivers of time in which I could write stories. That is particularly problematic because every story I start morphs into a 10,000 word monster, and there's no way I have time to finish that sort of thing.

And weirdly, Netflix gets a share of the blame. When I first joined fandom, there were maybe 2 or 3 nerdy TV shows or movie franchises to love. Writing fanfic was a way to stretch them out and make them last, because it might be 5 years before I found something else I liked equally well. Now the world is a much friendlier space for the geeky among us, and I can hop from one nerdy scifi show to another without needing to create material of my own. I do really miss my creative outlet though, so I am trying to finish one or two of the WiPs on my hard drive before school starts.

How are you guys? What have you been up to?