hp: dumbledores army

Recs: 1 DS9, 1 Once Upon a Time, 2 HP, 4 Sherlock

Getting one last rec post in before author reveals at sherlockmas, holmestice, hp_holidaygen, and Yuletide!

Deep Space 9
Discretion (4331 words) by Anonymous - Morn, Dax, Warf, Garak, Bashir, O'Brien, Quark, and others
A fun story that fleshes out Morn, the character who sits silently at the bar in Quark's in many episodes of Deep Space Nine. When Morn gets a reputation as the station gossip, Jadzia decides to put him to the test. It's adorable with just the right touch of pathos underneath.

Harry Potter
The Last Christmas by Anonymous at hp_holidaygen
A lovely and understated portrait of Dumbledore at Christmas. The writer doesn't flinch from his flaws and regrets, but she doesn't carry it too far into angst either. It feels like a very plausible examination of Dumbledore's inner workings.

A Carrol for a Wassel Bowl by Anonymous at hp_holidaygen - Harry/Ginny, Molly, various Weasleys
Three generations of Weasleys celebrate Christmas. A fic like this could easily been saccharine-sweet, but the writer handles each moment with a deft touch. Ginny and Molly's memories of Fred provide just the right amount of pathos and just the right grounding in the HP universe, but the great thing about this story is that it feels like it could be true for any family.

Once Upon a Time
What the Water Gave Me (1775 words) by Anonymous - Regina, Emma
Regina and Emma reach an understanding at the final battle. The back story for each woman is well-done, and the writer resolves their conflict in a deft and sophisticated way. I hope the series really ends like this.

Bandit Queen by Anonymous at sherlockmas - Anthea, Moriarty, Mycroft
Anthea works for Mycroft and Moriarty. She's not a double agent exactly; it's more that she works for herself. The author has fused Anthea with the Sebastian Moran character from ACD canon in a way that gives her a fascinating back story, a chilling personality, and a fierce loyalty to herself. The end is stunning.

Everyone Loves a Scandal by metisket - Irene Adler, John, Sherlock
This story is going to get jossed in, like, two days but go read it anyway. Irene's zest for subterfuge, trickery, and mayhem is irresistible, and regardless of what happens on the show, I hope that metisket writes more stories about her.

Water in the Desert by Anonymous at sherlockmas - John Watson/Mary Morstan
This story was a gift for me, and I linked to it once already, but it deserves a second mention. In this updated version of the ACD romance, Mary and John meet as soldiers in Afghanistan. This fic hit all my buttons - a brave, powerful female lead who's not afraid to show some vulnerability, a realistic setting, and bittersweet (and very realistic) ending. John's character is extremely well-done too.

The Zero Hour by Anonymous at holmestice - Sherlock/John
More than a year after the first series aired, it's rare to find a fresh take on the pool scene, which is part of what makes this fic so special. Sherlock and John emerge unscathed, but John is furious with Sherlock - and for good reason. This is one of the most emotionally realistic stories I can remember reading; you can really feel that John is at a breaking point, and Sherlock's reaction is beautifully done.
I just read "Water in the Desert" and it did my heart good.