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War Horse

I always feel a little sad and let out after reading everyone's Yuletide squee. Next year, I clearly need to cultivate an interest in a minor fandom or two. I've slresdy got DS9 working for me, so if I can finish watching it this year... Right, glad to see I'm underway with productive new year reaolutions.

But, lest you think I am totally without squee today, I can happily report that my "watch all the things Benedict Cumberbatch has ever appeared in" project is proceeding quite nicely, and I very much enjoyed Warhorse (even though CB's role was fairly small. . I often have a problem with feeling bored during movies, especially in theaters, but War Horse really riveted me. They fake you out by making you think that the first boy who owns the horse is the lead character and that you'll follow him through the film, but instead, the action centers on the horse itself, who passes from person to person as WWI carries him through Europe. It is feel-good movie, but I liked the equilibrium they kept between the horrors of war and the hope that the boy and the horse would be reunited. It was never so horrifying that I didnt want to watch it, but enough bad things happen to make me believe that this was a credible story - and, most importantly, to make me doubt just a bit that the horse would actually survive.
I'm glad you're not squee-free!

I went and saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which was as brilliantly "Feel-bad" as advertised.