spock: logic is sexy


Once upon a time, a girl desperately wanted a John/Mary Morstan fic where Mary is a soldier in Afghanistan, but when she signed up for Sherlockmass, she had to ration her prompts. The girl thought, "there's no way anyone in this very slashy fandom wants to write this obscure het pairing from an ACD story," so she sadly cut the prompt from her list of requests. Then she made a note of it in her journal so she could ask for it again someday.

Well, this girl was very lucky because her writer visited her journal and saw the leftover Mary Morstan prompt and wrote it. And it is an amazing story! Mary is a badass soldier lady who gets wounded trying to rescue fallen comrades, and naturally, John - who also loves action more than he should - falls for her completely. It is called Water in the Desert, and you must all go read it immediately and give it the squee it deserves.
Did I thank you for prompting and reccing that gorgeous story?