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Recs: 1 HP, 2 Sherlock, 2 Star Trek, 1 crossover

Firefly/Star Wars
Start the Last Leaf Whirling by jedibuttercup - Simon, River
A beautifully imagined fusion of Firefly and Star Wars in which River is forced to become a Hand of the Emperor. I loved how neatly the two universes fit together, and I enjoyed how the story alternated between Simon and River's points of view.

Harry Potter
Les Jours Tristes by Anonymous at hp_holidaygen
This story was written for me and I linked to it already, but it was just too good not to include in this rec post. At the end of the war, Narcissa is incarcerated and Luna interviews her for the Quibbler. I often see Luna written as a sidekick or foil for another character, and seeing her as the heroine of her own story is a refreshing change. Although she stays perfectly in character for the whole story, she isn't a limitless well of empathy and understanding; she's experienced pain, she has moments of rage, and she's occasionally a bit manipulative. If you love Luna the way I do, you really can't miss this story.

A Sort of Fairytale by Anonymous at holmestice - Molly, Sherlock
This is one of the best Molly stories I can remember reading. It doesn't make her an evil genius, a pathetic loner, or some kind of Bridget Jones. Instead, by showing us that Molly has a sense of humor, friends, and a profession, it depicts her as a real person who knows Sherlock's manipulating her but lets him get away with it because his work is important.

Obsession, Appassionato by Anonymous at holmestice - Sherlock/John, NC-17
John is out late, and Sherlock is worried -- and maybe a little jealous and unhealthily obsessed. Sherlock is wonderfully crafted here; he's a bit crazed and a bit confusing, even to himself. The scenes where he plays the violin are especially beautiful, and the author clearly did research to make them feel realistic. The sex in this story is scorching hot, but I love the way it really shows us something about each man's character too.

Star Trek
The Best Gift Money Can't Buy - girl!Kirk/McCoy (NC-17)
Girl!Kirk, sexy lingerie, and naughty, naughty sex. I loved the way McCoy's POV developed the sexual tension here. Through his eyes, we feel his wonder at Jenny's beauty and how much he loves letting her call the shots in bed.

Winter Over by downjune - Kirk/Sulu, R
Set on an Antarctic research station in the 2160s, this story is among the most realistic and vibrant I can remember reading. You guys know that slash and AU's are not my usual fannish cup of tea, but I wanted desperately to read about spending a winter on Antarctica. downjune obviously researched her subject meticulously, and she brings the setting to life with dozens of every day details. Best of all are the lovingly crafted back stories that explain exactly how and why each character would have ended up on an Antarctic research station. Sulu's space pirate back story particularly shines as it demonstrates so many details about how the Romulan War and the creation of the Federation changed this part of the galaxy. Please go read this - you won't be disappointed.