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Recs: 3 HP, 1 crossover, 2 Sherlock, 2 miscellaneous fandoms

I was feeling nostalgic the other night, so I decided to re-read my oldest fanfic bookmarks and post some of my favorites. I'm amazed by how vividly I remember some of these stories, even years after I read them.

Harry Potter
The Rotfang Conspiracy Files by cranberry_crash - Hermione, Luna, gen
After the war, Hermione is hired by Luna to investigate a conspiracy involving dental floss. It's zany and funny with an undercurrent of sweetness.

Stiff Upper Lip by pyreneeees - Augusta Longbottom, gen
A lovely, not-quite-sympathetic portrait of Neville's grandmother. The story doesn't shy away from her harshness, but you can see how much she loves her grandson.

Afterward by pyreneeees - Various characters, gen
These are beautiful little snapshots of minor characters recovering from the war. The vignettes for Colin Creevey, Cho, and Pansy Parkinson really stood out for me, and it's worth reading even if you are usually not interested in the book's smaller characters.

Harry Potter/Angel
Out of Focus by emmagrant01 - Snape/Lilah, NC-17
Wolfram & Hart sends Lilah to recruit Lord Voldemort. Snape is her contact. A funny, well-characterized portrait of the two of them, plus hot sex.

The rest of these stories are new, or at least new to me.

House, MD
Thirty-Five Essays in Love and Friendship by zauberer_sirin - House/Cuddy, Cameron/Chase, Wilson
This is actually an older story, though I didn't read it until last night. It's an absolutely beautiful set of vignettes about the summer after Amber's death. Many of them are sad, but they all feel very right.

Once Upon a Time
breath finally free (2583 words) by faviconVegaOfTheLyre - SnowWhite/Prince Charming
Remember all of Vega's snarky, sexy, fun McCoy/Chapel stories? Now she's working her magic with Snow White and Prince Charming. Told from Charming's POV, this story picks up where Snow White's fairy tale back story left off and fills in a few of the blanks in their relationship. The dialogue is witty, but Vega sneaks in some real emotional resonance too.

Housekeeping by carolyn_claire - Mrs. Hudson, Moriarty, gen
If you love stories about unlikely women kicking ass and taking names, you need to read this story. Moriarty tries to take Mrs. Hudson hostage and underestimates her completely. The narrative alternates between Mrs Hudson's and Moriarty's POV, something which would annoy me in the hands of a lesser author, but both characters' voices are so perfect that I didn't mind. Mrs. Hudson's steely nerves and Moriarty's growing desperation are not to be missed.

Fragile by thesardine - Sherlock, John
An original take on the popular trope of John almost dying and Sherlock handling it badly. The story is told from Sherlock's POV, but it's almost like we're getting an outsider's perspective on him because he is so baffled by his own emotions. His behavior seems so unkind and irrational, yet John understands it, and by the end of the story, we do too.
You are so smart to do these recs. I read and loved the one about Mrs. Hudson ages ago, but I wouldn't have found it again except for your blurb. Thanks so much for this community service--
A fan.
I'm glad you like them, and I'm extra glad to have led you back to the Mrs. Hudson story. I think it's going to be one of my favorite stories of all time, in any fandom.
These HP stories look great. I really enjoyed "Afterwards" (though I think the word "mollified" is misused in the Minerva section) -- such an interesting, thoughtful collection of characters.

The link for "Stiff Upper Lip" goes to the author's "Archives" instead of the story. But I shamelessly barged into her LJ and found it. I love Augusta fic, and this one is really excellent. Thanks so much for pointing it out.

I'm definitely going to check out Mrs. Hudson, too; I've always wanted to know more about her in canon.

Thanks for the recs!
Woops! I have no idea how that happened with the link, but I've fixed it now, and I'm glad you were able to find the story on your own.

And yes, do check out the Mrs. Hudson story. I think it is one of my favorite stories ever.