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Writing things

1. I made myself a tag for my favorite stories. thistlerose has one, and I thought it was a neat idea. Mostly, I made it for myself, so it contains some seemingly random things I quite like and it omits a few stories that were popular. I had fun making it, and I think it would be a reasonable way for someone new to get to know me.

2. After three complete drafts -- by which I mean I started over completely three times -- I finished my holmestice story. yeomanrand has read it and assured me it is not hideous. It is not quite the story I hoped for, and I don't think I've figured out Sherlock's voice yet, but I am satisfied and hope my recipient will be too.

3. Writing for deadlines was easier when my average story was somewhere around 2500 words. These days, it's hard for me to write a story that's under 4,000 words. My hp_holidaygen is longer than that already and possibly has another two or three thousand words to go. I hope my recipient likes long stories! ...And I hope I can write a long story by the due date next Sunday.

4. I wonder if I ought to be watching that fairy tale show everyone keeps talking about. On the one hand, I really miss being part of a new fandom. It's so exciting and so easy to get people to read your stories. On the other hand, I've only watched TV once since March, and I really like that feeling.

5. I have a cold, which is not at all what I wanted right before Thanksgiving. My throat hurts and food tastes all funny. I think I'm going to go to bed now even though it's only 9:30.
Thank you! I am hanging onto it for a couple more days to make the changes recommended by my beta, but at least it's down to the polishing stage now. Good luck with yours!
Ah that is the one with Carlyle in. I'd meant to start watching that, didn't realise it was already out. People are saying good things about it?
Yeah, you can watch all four episodes on A few people on my flist are pretty excited about it, and I've started to see some fic popping up. I decided to watch it last night, and my feelings are mixed. I think the two main characters are pretty interesting, but the dialogue is clunky, and some of the fairy tale scenes are pretty campy. It kept me entertained for four hours though, which is more than I can say for a lot of shows.
Hmm, I'd basically only be watching it for Carlyle, at least at first, apparently he plays the Rumplestiltskin guy? He any good?
He is, actually. I think his character gets some of the cheesier dialogue on the show, but Carlyle has so much presence and magnetism that he can make it work. He's kind of a bit player in the first three episodes, though. There was a lot more of him in the fourth episode, and I think they're setting him up to be a major character.
Well in that case I'll check it out, I've been missing his own personal brand of moral ambiguity xD
Congratulations on finishing your fic, especially after those false starts! *is wowed*
Thank you very much! It is maybe not as awesome as it sounds since I kept the same premise for each story, so I guess it's more like three mixes than three whole drafts.
I have mixed feelings about "Once Upon a Time." (I assume that's the one you're talking about, not "Grimm.") On the one hand, I like Jennifer Morrison and her character is, to a degree, my Winona Kirk. Snow White is pretty bad-ass, and the evil queen's motives are not as black and white as they are in the fairy tale. There are moments of cleverness.

On the other hand, I think the writing is fairly weak, and there's one character I find so irritating that I had to stop watching the show.

I hope you're feeling better.
I think mixed feelings accurately describes me too. I watched all four episodes last night online, and...they are okay. I like Emma enough that I want to know what happens to her, and I like the depth they've given Snow White's character. I agree about the writing though - either they just write some really bad dialogue, or they are trying to embrace the campiness of the premise and they just can't figure out how to do it. And I wish Jennifer Morrison would gain a little weight. She looks so tough and hard-used, which I guess is the point of her character, but geez. I was surprised when they said it was her twenty-eighth birthday because she looks about thirty-five.

Which character drove you crazy? I can imagine a few candidates.
Henry, mostly. I can't stand him. Though Rumpelstiltskin is becoming pretty obnoxious too.

I wish we got to see Emma doing more hunting people down. It's cool that she's a bail bonds person, but so far that skill hasn't been particularly useful.
Yeah, I can definitely understand that. The cute, precocious kid archetype is one I could live without.
It's not only that. He's such an obvious plot device, but also, if Emma is the Chosen One, why did there have to be this kid? (If there had to be a kid, why couldn't the kid have been a girl? *sigh*) Gah.