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Anti-virus software?

I received an interesting email from MacAfee, my current anti-virus program: apparently, it will cost $93 to renew my subscription. While I think that protecting my computer from viruses is worth some money, I don't want it to cost quite that much -- not to mention the new version of MacAfee has taken up blocking "suspicious" content from trustworthy webites like Epicurious and Hotmail. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that is cheaper and less paranoid?
Personally, I use Avast! and have for years. I use the free version and haven't had any trouble since I started using it, but the paid version isn't super expensive and supposedly offers even better protection.
I forget if you use Mac? If you do, Intego Virusbarrier is really good. I have the dual Mac/Windows version because I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows in a virtual machine. I don't know if they sell a plain Windows version, though.
I also have Kaspersky via Best Buy on my desktop and love it. I'm going to delete Norton from my baby computer and download it, that is, as soon as I can figure out how to delete Norton...
I'm also pretty happy with Kaspersky so far (knock wood). I don't remember what the renewal fee was, but as I recall it wasn't outrageous.
I've used AVG Free for something 4 years with no problems. And it really is free.
I do not use Windows now but back when I researched this within and outside of fandom in early 2010, I heard consistently good things about Malwarebytes and, believe it or not, Microsoft Security Essentials, the official and free Windows product. (No personal experience with either of them, though, since they turned out not to be available for OSes older than XP.)
Kaspersky. It's what my computer engineer father recommends every time, and it's never let me down so far.
It's also worth saying that you can usually find it cheaper from Amazon when it comes time to renew, so that's an additional bonus. :)
My ISP (Comcast) gives me Norton 360 for free. I like it.
Thirding Avast. I used to use it along with Zone Alarm's free firewall, but then ZA started mucking up my flash or something, so now I have the COMODO firewall along with Avast for antivirus. I remember hearing good things about AVG as well.

OR you could take the plunge and try out linux, since Ubuntu is shiny nowadays and there's no such thing as a linux virus.