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Musings on HP, X-Men, and Sherlock

sherlockmas sign-ups close tomorrow. I am probably driving the mod insane by continually revising my sign up.

1. John Watson and the terrible, no good, very bad day
2. Anthea rescues Mycroft from some type of danger
3. Mycroft is not good with the ladies, so Anthea has to do the asking out
4. Sherlock as a teenager - details about his family would be great, or his life at school
5. Most army doctors are not sharpshooters. Sherlock investigates why John is.
6. John cooks for Sherlock or vice versa
7. Lestrade and Donovan friendship fic

Apparently I want a lot of stories in this fandom because limiting myself to seven prompts was hard. I really, really wanted to request a John/Mary Morstan story wherein Mary was a fellow soldier in Afghanistan, but I let that prompt go because I thought the chances of someone filling it were negligible. I would also like to know why Mrs. Hudson wanted her husband executed, a story in which Sherlock was kind (in his own way), and something to do with Sherlock's drug abuse. Maybe I will have to write some of those for myself some day.

Sometimes I wish I had liked the X-Men film better; it seems that's where most of my Star Trek friends have migrated. It makes sense. I mean, if you like films with an ensemble of talented young people who are faced with crises, then Star Trek and X-Men are both good bets. I didn't dislike the film myself, but nothing in it made me want to think of it after I left the theater. Sherlock, on the other hand, contains exactly the kind of character I am drawn to: a very intelligent person who is not so good at or does not want to fit in. Many of the characters I like best fit that role, like Spock, Number One, Snape, and Luna. I suppose divergence is the nature of fandom, but I do miss being in a fandom where I know lots of people.

I certainly don't want to insult anyone on my flist who runs HP fests, but I really wish the fandom weren't centered on anonymous fests. I understand completely why exchanges would be anonymous, but I think the degree of anonymity prevalent in this fandom disadvantages new authors. Honestly, what purpose does anonymity serve outside a fic exchange? For the mod, it's a lot of work; for me, it means that even if someone likes my story, they don't know it's mine and they can't click on my HP fic tag to see if they like my other stories. The converse is true too: unless I remember to go back after authors are revealed, I don't know who wrote my favorite stories, and I can't go back to explore their journal. I suppose the advantage of anonymity is that people read stories based on their merit rather than their familiarity with the author, but I'd prefer the opportunity for people to know who I am. I have a hard time finding comms for the fics I write, so I really count on events to get to know people and show them my stories, and I find that difficult in this fandom.
For the Harry Potter Fandom, you might want to look for the pairing or character centered comms. They might be more what you are looking for. I'm not as connected to the HP fandom as I used to be so I don't really know too much about which ones are active anymore. I've moved more towards following specific authors and their recs.
Part of my challenge is that I write genfic in HP almost exclusively. I have tracked down the Lucius/Narcissa communities, and I know of a couple gen fic comms, but they are not terribly active. I may just have to accept that what I am writing is only interesting to a small number of people in this fandom.
Totally uncalled for thread-hack, but...

"I may just have to accept that what I am writing is only interesting to a small number of people in this fandom."

Not true, I'm a stereotypical slashy HP fan and I adore your fic, I'd probably never have given HP gen a chance if it weren't for you, in fact your fic may have made an impact on my reading habits in general.

I agree, it's a real shame there isn't some way to give gen author's more visibility, because I think readers are more willing to venture out of their comfort zones than people think, especially when they know the quality of the writing is assured.

I wonder if looking at pan-fandom gen or not-ship based fests and things might work? But then I guess they run with the anon/reveal set up as well. Hmm.
Thank you so much for this! I think it is one of the best comments I have ever received :)

I have done some HP gen for pan-fandom fests - I think one of the best received was for Purim Gifts and it was nice because even though it was anonymous, it was on AO3, so at least when the authors were revealed, the story was attached to all my other works. One of the things I hate about LJ-based anonymous fests is that your story ends up orphaned in some comm, and even if people browse it after reveals, they are much less likely to come back to your journal (IMHO, anyway).

Thank you again for the comment - it totally made my day :)

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I actually know more people in xmfc then in star trek at this point - which us so odd to me. I haven't even seen xmfc and I suspect I would have ISSUES with chunks of the film.

Sherlock has produced some astonishingly good fic - I haven't seen any of that either but I do love the original source material. Yeomanrand is the only person I know participating in that though.
Yeah, I don't think many people on my flist are actually *active* in Star Trek at the moment, though I have several friends who are still reading it. And yes, yeomanrand is among the few I know who are in Sherlock fandom. I seduced her with all my rec lists :)
I'm definitely still reading and writing Trek, though reading and writing xmfc is becoming easier just because there is such a volume, you know? Yeomanrand has payed it forward! *laugh*
I'm definitely reading - and I've started a fic. Though I've yet to watch any of the episodes. *laugh* She keeps sending me links though!
Yeah, I do think all the anonymous fests are kind of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I like the deadlines and the organization and the prompts. The fandom is so enormous, it's good to have events where old and new authors can participate and name recognition doesn't drive readership.

On the other hand, as you say, it doesn't allow for much... community. I don't feel like I've really made too many friends in HP fandom, beyond the few that I've directly contacted. And very few have gotten to know me.

And ugh, x-men. Not interested. The balance of what intrigued me and what upset me about the movie was too close. Plus, I'm tired of fandoms dominated by one slash pairing. Sometimes I feel like I'm elbowing my way between these giant monoliths of kirkmccoykirkspockerikcharlesarthureamessherlockjohn and there's just NO ROOM.

*deep breath* Which is one reason I do like HP fandom: there's lots of space for rare pairs, gen, and het. (Not that I need to tell you this.)

Don't think I'll be doing sherlockmas--I haven't really had the urge to write in that fandom. I've just started my last holiday fic for the season for the Kirk/Sulu exchange and I've gotta say I'm super excited about it. It's good to be writing in this fandom again.
I almost said, "aren't all fandoms dominated by one slash pairing?" before I realized that was unfair. That said, I think HP is the only fandom I've been involved with that wasn't. At least Star Trek had where_no_woman, and it's easier for me to deal with in Sherlock since I actually like Sherlock/John. For the most part though, I've consigned myself to being on the fringes of fandoms because I don't really own a pair of slash goggles.
Very interesting points about the commonalities and unique drawing points of the X-Men vs Trek fandom. Clarified a few things for me, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)

As a reader, I found the anonymous fest bothersome to tag, when I still kept a fannish delicious. If it were just one fest, it might be possible to keep up and go back upon reveals but when it's so many something inevitably slips through the cracks.
Yes, exactly! You have to be very disciplined and/or have a lot of free time if you want to find new authors through anonymous fests.
*nod* The reaction you had to XMFC, I had to BBC's Sherlock. If I could choose what to fall in love with -- if I were fannish about Sherlock I could write stories for you and babble entertainingly to my roommate. *smiles wryly*

Some people are worth knowing no matter where fannish drift carries me, though. *beams*

Also, I hear you on anonymity in fests. I have actually written myself notes to "go back and find out who wrote X", and it's so cumbersome.
It is funny what strikes us, isn't it? I can understand not being enamored of Sherlock. I love it to pieces, but on a story telling level, it's a very small cast and some of the episodes are poorly paced. On a social justice level, to say it has problems is an understatement. So yes, I can understand not wanting to go back for more.

And I agree completely - the connections with some people are worth keeping even when the fandoms diverge :)
Sherlock is on Netflix. Welcome aboard!

Part of the sad thing is that I've left Star Trek a little too. I mean, not completely -- I just started a wishlist fest for where_no_woman -- but I just don't have as much to write in this fandom as I used to. I wish that I had migrated some place where the rest of my friends did. I'm glad to hear you're planning on sticking around ST fandom though - you should come sign up for the wishlist fest!
Winter Wishlist Fest.

I cancelled my cable in favor of having Netflix. Netflix streaming is about $10/month, and I can always find something I want to watch. Cable was over $50/month, and I could never find things I wanted to watch.