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Pinboard & Sherlockmas

I joined the exodus to Pinboard this week. I am not terribly upset over the changes of delicious, but I hated having my fandom bookmarks all tangled up with my work-related bookmarks, so change seemed in order. My fanfic bookmarks now live on my pinboard, where I am also igrockspock. Apparently there is some method of friending or subscribing to people? Following me there is probably not all that beneficial though, since I do not tag terribly thoroughly and all my bookmarks eventually get posted here as recs.

Also, I signed up for sherlockmas. I swore I would not sign up for more holiday exchanges, but the December 20 deadline is more than a month after everything else is due. yeomanrand has been holding my hand on my other Sherlock exchange story, and I have discovered that writing in this fandom is not so terrifying as I once thought. sherlockmas sign-ups close on November 2. Some of you ought to join me!
Just a quick comment that your icon is very beautiful! :-)
I have too many other things to write. I do not need another assignment...

(We've started our crossover_exchange. Sherlock & White Collar. Very odd.
I have too many other things to write. I do not need another assignment...

Oh, I know, bb! You are not the only person on my flist I'm trying to tempt into Sherlock fandom :)

I think Sherlock and White Collar sounds like it would fit rather well, from what little I know of WC anyway.
Well, yes, they do go well together, but we've gone with both pre-series and the requester wanted "gen shenanigans"...


Keep tempting! It's really good. (I sucked shinychimera in, too.) :D