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Today's method of wasting time...

I would like some more icons! Who are your favorite icon makers?

ETA: Definitely looking for something fandom-related, possibly for HP or Sherlock. That said, if you know someone who makes good stuff, I'm perfectly happy to comb through their journal and see if they've made something for a fandom I like.
Fandom-related, perhaps for HP or Sherlock, but I'm up for looking at other fandoms too. If you know someone who makes good icons, I don't mind looking through their journals to see if they've made some for fandoms I like.
iconomicon makes my favorite favorite icons, bar none, but he tends towards more stock and... vintage variations upon fandom? I've found some very neat ST icons by him, and I know she's done some Sherlock, but you might have to dig.

ETA: (I think it's a him, actually. No idea why I defaulted to her, here.)

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