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Recs: 2 Harry Potter, 2 Sherlock

Harry Potter
Best Served Cold by juliefortune - Snape, Umbridge, gen
In which Severus Snape is forced to dine with Dolores Umbridge, and a lot of snark ensues. This story begins a little awkwardly, but give it a chance and you will be rewarded. Snape's snark is spot-on, and Umbridge's behavior is cracky but not -- I can believe she really is that horrible -- and you will writhe in disgust while sharing Snape's oh-so-perfectly worded disdain.

Alive On Air (2610 words) by faviconRaven - Remus Lupin, the Weasley twins, Lee Jordan, Kingsley Shacklebolt, gen
A brief sketch of an early Potter Watch broadcast, this story is a beautiful memorial to some of our favorite fallen HP characters without even trying. Everyone in this story is warm, funny, and in-character, with just the faintest current of desperation running underneath. Lest my description fool you, let me say that this is a really happy story - it's only the knowledge that some of these people are near the end of their lives that makes it so poignant.

Girl!Sherlock by ptelefolone - NSFW, Art
The sexiest girl!Sherlock I've ever seen - you will have to scroll down a little to get there.

This Heart is a Stone (4116 words) by faviconElster - girl!Sherlock/various, PG-13
This story does exactly what I think great genderswap should do: It keeps the main character perfectly IC, while subtly demonstrating the different roles and expectations our society places on men and women. In this case, all those differences relate to sexuality and relationships, and even if you are not asexual, I think you will relate to many of the dilemmas female Sherlock experiences.