spock: logic is sexy

Recs: 1 Buffy, 3 Sherlock, 1 XMFC

So What by valamd (Vid)
A lovely tribute to the women of Buffy and Angel, with a few Dollhouse and Firefly characters thrown in. Set to Pink's "So What."

Possibly We're Fine by metisket - John, Sherlock, John's army buddies
In which Sherlock and John are terribly bored and study each other, and then go to lunch with some of John's old army buddies. This is a fabulous character study of both John and Sherlock, and it illuminates John's character particularly well. Using his trust issues and apparent enthusiasm for adrenaline, the story extrapolates a back story that is plausible, interesting and creative. Sherlock's POV and the surprise appearance of Mary Morstan are nice bonuses.

Deviant by berlynnsherlock - John, Sherlock, R
Set in a universe where asexuality is the norm, this story is a fascinating take on the sexual!John/asexual!Sherlock trope. I loved the story's faintly dystopian overtones.

For Me It Isn't Over by lovingthevolume - John, Sherlock, past John/Mary Morstan
John is coping -- barely -- with the recent death of his wife, and Sherlock helps him grieve. It's hard to find stories where Sherlock is a kind, supportive friend and still in character, and it's harder still to find stories in which Sherlock accepts John's romantic relationship as no threat to their friendship. This story provides both things, and the writing is lovely and spare.

X-Men: First Class
The Material Properties of Memory by ignipes - Emma Frost, gen
I'm a sucker for a good Emma Frost fic; she had such potential to be a fascinating character, and the movie depicted her as bizarrely subservient. This story explains why the pretense of obedience works for Emma, and it gives her character sympathetic depth and detail while sacrificing none of her ruthlessness.