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Things to sign up for

So the state fair is across the street from my house, and MC Hammer is performing. My windows are vibrating to the sound of "too legit to quit." I suppose I ought to peel myself off the couch and go since I have to listen to the music anyway, but that would entail putting on a bra. And real pants. Meh. MC Hammer is just not good enough for me to want to put on clothes.

holmestice sign-ups are closing tonight! There's a huge variety of requests, and I see lots of first-timers signing up. Also lots of familiar names from ST fandom, which is a nice feeling. The sign-up form is here if you're interested.

xover_exchange is also accepting sign-ups right now. My plate is too full to participate, and I doubt I'd be welcome since I defaulted last year, but it's a neat event if crossovers are your thing.