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5 Sherlock Recs

Glimpse of a Great Heart by liminalliz - Sherlock/John
One of the challenges of a small canon is that there are so many stories about the same thing. One of the joys of a small canon is discovering stories that take those same infinitely recycled scenarios and turn them into something new. "Glimpse of a Great Heart" is a beautifully fresh take on the pool scene. Rather than narrating the whole thing, it focuses on a few isolated moments that really show Sherlock and John's emotions. John's POV is especially well-done, straightforward, matter-of-fact, and written the way a person would really think.

Symmetrical, Unbroken by knkwrtr - Sherlock/John, NC-17
Sherlock is intersexed and identifies himself as a man. His ambiguous genitalia and the history of his sexuality and identity are what have kept him from being close to people romantically, particularly John. This is a hard, hard scenario to write about well, and this story is clearly written by someone who understands the emotional and medical realities of the situation. This story was an education for me, but it's much more than just an "issues" story - it is, above all, about two incredibly real human beings.

Equivalence by introductory - Anthea/Mycroft
Sometimes she goes by Anthea and wears women's clothes; sometimes he goes by Anthony and dresses as a man. Although the endgame is Anthea/Mycroft, this is really much more a story about Anthea navigating the fluidity of his/her gender identity personally, professionally, and yes, occasionally romantically. Second person POV very rarely does it for me, but here, it pulled me completely into the character's headspace. The story also has a remix, Distinction by lizzledpink, which is from Mycroft's POV and very much worth reading.

Seeds (5492 words) by faviconthesardine - Sherlock, John, Mycroft
This is one of my favorite stories in all of fandom right now. In a fit of boredom, Sherlock plants a few seeds, which soon multiply to become a little herb garden. I suppose it sounds a little silly, but good Sherlock POV is hard to find, and this is a lovely, human example. I especially admired that Sherlock is an unreliable narrator, though we don't realize that till the very end. It is also possible that I love this because I am completely obsessed with my own little herb garden.

For Great Justice (4417 words) by faviconpendrecarc - Sherlock/girl!John, NC-17
In which Joanna Watson has terrible cramps, and Sherlock decides to cure them with an orgasm. Joanna's voice is perfect here, the writing is sexy, and the scenario fills my feminist heart with glee.
Oh, fine I started watching the show last night. Cumberbach's voice is much deeper than I expected.


I must know everything you think!

And yes, I think he sounds like Alan Rickman, although apparently other people do not think this.

How many episodes have you watched so far?
The accents are a bit different, but the resonance and timbre is very similar, so yes. I actually had a moment watching the beginning of Ep 3 where I wondered if Rickman was guesting, so. :)

So far, I think...I think I understand why you like the show. Also, I've seen now through (well, I'm in the middle of Ep 3; the pool Scene so most of the way through).
Yeah, I can definitely understand why some people have problems with it. I mean, there is definite race!fail and gender!fail, and I think the pacing in the last two episodes is kind of off. But I love the characters and ships so much that I am hopelessly addicted!
Have you seen this one?

Your Moral Crisis is Stupid


Intriguing snippet: John's cheeks turn red, just slightly, and Sherlock presses the back of his fingers against John's face to feel the increased temperature. This is what he likes most about relationships -- the implicit agreement that he's allowed to touch whenever he wants, wherever he wants, and for whatever reason, even if it's just curiosity. It's this change right here, where "my personal space" becomes "our personal space".
Already hitting the fanfic, eh? That sounds promising! And yes, I love that story! I think it was in my last rec post, actually :)
I gave up and started watching the show because of "Equivalence" up there, so. :)


I KNOW! That is exactly how I felt! Luckily, they are filming series two even as we speak, and it is going to air sometime in the next six months.
That's just mean.

Luckily, they are filming series two even as we speak, and it is going to air sometime in the next six months.

And on Netflix/Hulu some six months after that, sigh.

Still waiting for Luther part two to be filmed/shown, too. Sigh again.