torchwood: pterodactyl

Multi-fannish things to do

Sunday is the last day to sign up for hp_holidaygen, a Harry Potter genfic holiday exchange. Anyone want to come join me over there?

tw_femficfest, an exchange focusing on the female characters of Torchwood, is holding sign-ups until September 23. A bonus round will be open starting November 3, and it will be open to people who cannot participate in the main fest. I am not signing up this year, but I had a lovely time last year, and I think the female characters in this fandom need more love.

Lastly, sherlockmas is hosting a fall-themed commentfic fest. It would be fun if any of you guys wanted to leave some prompts that I might perhaps get to fill :)
I did hp_holidaygen for a number of years. great exchange, although my one big frustration with it is that it's fully anonymous - you just get an assignment, but don't now who you're actually writing for. i like knowing my recipient so I can lj stalk research them and tailor my fic to their tastes as much as possible...

I'm also valiently trying to stick to my resolve of ONLY doing Yuletide for holiday exchanges this year. ;)
Yikes, that is a really insane degree of anonymity! I'm not sorry I signed up or anything, but I agree, it's really nice to be able to look at their journal and get a feel for their preferences.
Yeah, it is kinda odd. I never quite understood why they do it that way. But it is a great exchange. I've written and received some awesome things for it. Have fun! :)
As a twice-participant in hp_holidaygen, and one of this year's new mods, I share your frustration about not knowing who you're writing for. I think it was because they liked to pair participants, so knowing who you were writing for would mean knowing who was writing for you. Though we're trying not to make many changes to a format that was popular, informing people who they were writing or drawing for is one change I personally would like to make. We'll decide for sure in the next couple of days.
Yay, glad you're joining us for holidaygen!

And eek, that TW exchange looks very tempting.
You should totally do it if you can fit it into your schedule! It's a very nice group of people, and I think some of the requests look interesting.