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Five genfic recs about less explored characters + One request

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time by jedibuttercup - Winona, PG-13
Winona grapples with her husband's death, Jim's wild antics, and the news that he survived the Battle of Vulcan as the captain of the Enterprise. Elegant, tightly written, and resonant.

Five Dreams That Sort of Came True (and One That Definitely Didn't) by denorios - Pike, PG
A bittersweet fic about things that Captain Pike wanted and never quite got, and the near-failures are sort of okay and sort of not. Short, spare, and beautiful.

Off the Old Block by peri_peteia - Joanna McCoy, PG-13
In which 16-year-old Joanna McCoy visits the Enterprise and is resentful and rebellious, but also clearly loves her dad (even though she hates to admit it). One of the many beautiful full-length fics to come from where_no_woman's first drabble challenge.

Right Down the Line by snarkypants - Bones, Joanna McCoy, the former Mrs. McCoy, PG-13
The ex-wife calls the Enterprise after the Battle of Vulcan. The former Mrs. McCoy is agreeable, Joanna is sulky and pre-teen and realistic. I loved how well each character's voice came through, and I was particularly excited to find this shiny example of McCoy gen.

The Dormition of the Virgin by fialleril - Chekov, PG
Chekov after losing Amanda in the transporter. A beautiful rendering of a less-explored character, complete with imaginative back story and an intriguing exploration of Russian Orthodoxy. One of the most unique and vivid stories I can remember reading, and it's stuck with me for more than a month.

Also, a request: I wish to read fics with Gaila and Spock together in a gen capacity. Regrettably, I am the only person I know who writes these things. Do you have any recs for me? Actually, it's fine if they're in a shippy fic together, so long as they're not actually paired with each other.
>> I can only find five Gaila fics written by people other than you, and none contain both Spock and Gaila-Spock interaction..

Hi! Just a heads up that I've friended you, because I think your Gaila fic is the awesomest ever :D
That so weird! People seem to love Gaila so much, so I thought more people would be writing her. Maybe I should make a bunch of Gaila prompts for a drabble challenge or something...

And hello! Thanks for the add :)
Your gen Spock-Gaila fics have filled me with such joy that I might try writing my own. Someday... when I finish all the other stuff I've unwisely promised to write... also, I feel bad offering to write things for people, because I am such a novice. D:

Maybe the thought counts for something.
Heh. Don't feel bad about being a novice! I only started writing 6 weeks ago. But I hear you on the danger of promising to write stuff for people. I have written, like, 1 of the prompts that I solicited from people a couple weeks ago. So yes, the thought does count!

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