Big list o' literary kinks

Since holiday exchange season is approaching, and I keep finding myself staring blankly at sign-up forms, I decided to make myself a list of things I like in stories. Not that I would ever put *all* of these things in one sign-up. I think I might be kind of hard to write for...

1) Ladies in the spotlight. Female protagonists always make me happy, and I particularly like stories that flesh out minor female characters, stories in which a female character rescues a man/saves the day/saves the world, and stories where a female character is physically or emotionally protective of a man.
(2) Characters feeling scared or insecure on the inside but being total BAMFs anyway
(3) Friendships or relationships between unusual combinations of characters
(4) Bittersweet endings
(5) LOGIC, especially in the form of Socratic dialogue or ethical debate
(6) Characters who do not fully understand their emotions and/or do not express them easily
(7) Characters who are flawed but still sympathetic. (Could be one of the "good guys," could be a villain whose motivations we can understand.)
(8) Back stories
(9) Action/adventure pieces
(10) Queer themes, especially in contemporary fandoms
(11) Character studies
(12) Small slices of every day life
(13) Strong women who like to be a little submissive in the bedroom
(14) Stories in which food and/or cooking are important

At least the list of things I don't like is smaller...

1. Crack, excessive angst, wacky AUs
2. Kink heavier than light bondage
3. Romantic cliches (let's get you out of those wet clothes/trapped in a cave together/etc.)
4. Mpreg

(Not a value judgment on what others write/enjoy; I read all of the things on this list sometimes too, and it's not like I didn't just write a high school AU for my big bang. They're just things I'd rather pick out myself from authors I really like, not so much gifts I would like to receive...)

This post brought to you by my difficulty figuring out what to ask for at hp_holidaygen (which maybe some of you should sign up for, btw).
Do you know, I'm suddenly doubting my ability to write gen at all. Which...WTF brain?
How bizarre! It will surely come back to you though; it seems unlikely that you could lose a whole genre!
Ah, many things on your list are my favourites, too, no wonder I enjoy reading your stories as much. :-)

Interesting how much no. 10 corresponds to other items - 'the girl' saving or protecting the man or strong women who like to be submissive in the bedroom tease apart the conventional connection between the sex and the gender role of someone pretty thoroughly.

My personal preference for a story is when the woman is protective of her man and he doesn't have any 'I'm emasculated!!!1!' freakouts, it's totally normal to him.
#1 and #10 have nothing to do with me in real life. Nothing at all, I promise.

And yeah, I think it's definitely ideal when the man can just accept the protecting. I know that's one of the things I loved about Pike/One - I think he loves One precisely because she is, at times, stronger than him. I've seen that dynamic in Winona/George stories sometimes too, and I like it quite a lot.
She is and I really like that kind of dynamic. I do wonder if Pike was able to accept it or if he needed to readjust to it in the beginning or needed to outdo her in the emergency rescue department... 'cause in my mind, they've known one another for a long, long time, possibly even the academy. /headcanon
Oh, I'm so glad you'll be doing HP Holiday Gen; there have been some fine stories in that fest.

I love your list of kinks. The only one I wouldn't lift wholesale for my own link list is #9, but that's not so much because I don't like action/adventure than because it's often not done very well -- if done badly, it can be just an excuse for a lot of violence and explosions and lack of characterization. Done well, it's great fun.

No, on the whole, I love everything you love; my sign-ups usually contain several of them. Luckily, in HP anyway, there are some fine stories using every one of your kinks (and in Star Trek Voyager, too, although I haven't read in that fandom for a long time).
Good to hear about holiday gen! I hadn't heard of it before, but HP genfic is right up my alley, so I signed up for it a bit blindly. I am probably driving the mod crazy by going back and editing my sign-up so many times.

And yeah, action/adventure can be a bit hit and miss. It doesn't seem to be something people write a lot of - I wish I wrote more of it myself. It is so delicious when done well though!
Very glad to hear you're doing hp_holidaygen! Any other holiday fests you're considering?

There's a lot to like about your likes. I think we have pretty similar taste in fic. :)
I'm not sure what other holiday fests I want to do yet. I know we will have a holiday event at where_no_woman, the Star Trek comm I moderate, so I'll be doing that for sure. I'd really like to do something for Sherlock as well, but I am totally new to that fandom, so I have no idea what the holiday festing options are.
The two main holiday exchanges that I've seen are holmestice and sherlockmas which aren't confined to just the winter holidays.

On an unrelated note, I am a long time lurker/reader of your journal and I absolutely love your characterization of female characters. Thank you so much for writing strong women who aren't afraid to be who they are.
Ooh, thank you for the pointers! I will have to add those comms to my watch list.

Thank you so much for writing strong women who aren't afraid to be who they are.

Thank you so much for this! I'm so lucky that Star Trek fandom is so supportive of its ladies!