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Prompt me!

Yesterday, I mysteriously woke up and wanted to write again, so I signed up for girlsavesboyfic. Perhaps I only needed a hiatus from Star Trek fandom, not from all writing ever.

The theme for this year's fest is girl saves the day, the world, and possibly also the boy. (Or maybe only the boy; that is a definite literary kink of mine.) I think I would like to write Harry Potter, or possibly also Sherlock. Now I just need a bunny. Help?

Cho Crashes Into Hello with someone by using her quiddich skills to save them from a nasty fall?

Luna was good at Herbology, right? Take the classic plot of healer girl and sick boy and give it to Luna, who is good at making things new and her own.

Hermione tells her little child about the time she saved Ron from a dragon.
Oooh! I like the Hermione and the dragon idea. I'll have to let that one percolate some more.
Lily Evans time travel fic; where does she end up and who does she end up saving?
One of Luna's creatures (blibbering humdingers, crumple-nosed snorcacks, whatever) is real ... and attacking! Luckily, Luna knows how to save everyone.

One time that Parvati or Lavender totally saved Harry Potter from certain doom and he didn't even realize it.

A nasty strain of a wizarding illness hits. It affects purebloods severely, and the half-bloods are still pretty damn sick. It's up to a team of Muggleborns lead by Hermione to save everyone.

Ooh, I like the idea of random people saving Harry from peril he doesn't even know about. I'm trying to think of some really every day things that could work. I mean, Hogwarts is not the world's safest place...
I haven't watched Sherlock yet, so I can't really prompt there (is Irene in it?)

How about...ways Ginny Weasley-Potter rescued her brothers? Or Harry, post-series?
Irene is apparently coming up in series two later this year, but she hasn't been on yet. It might be fun to write her though!
I think there'll be a prompt post at girlsavesboyfic, by the looks of it!

But anyway.

Narcissa somehow learns Snape is a double agent and covers for him at a critical moment.

I would read the shit out of that, lol.

Sally Donovan has John's back at a critical moment, and they begin a friendship, much to Sherlock's irritation.

edit: lol, 'critical moments'

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Hrm. This is a nice idea too, and I am rather drawn to Sally's character. Now I just need to figure out what that critical moment would be... I've spent so much time in HP and ST that it's hard to imagine things that could happen in the "real" world...
Oooh, I love that idea! I was hoping for a good Narcissa bunny - she is definitely one of my favorite characters. Snape is so good at what he does that it's hard for me to ever imagine him tipping his hand, but I'm trying to think if there would be something she could see...like maybe that photograph of Lily he took from Grimmauld Place? Or maybe she just suspects and she quietly tries to help him evade some kind of political maneuvering or a plot from jealous Death Eaters who want to bring him down? I mean, he is awfully alone in DH, he'd need an ally somewhere, even if it's one he doesn't know about...
Agreed. I wrote the first scene of the story last night because it's easy to set up her motivation for protecting Snape. It's pretty obvious (in the film anyway) that she's figured out supporting Voldemort is destroying Lucius and Draco, and anyway, she'd figure that if she helped Snape, she could use that to her advantage if/when Voldemort fell. I'm just stuck on the exact circumstances in which she would be able to help him. I don't think I've reached that level of imagination/world building in HP yet.
Deliberately not looking at the other prompts, so this will probably be a dupe.

I think Molly rescuing Sherlock would be hilarious. If that's been listed too many time, you can have Mrs. Hudson rescuing Sherlock. I've seen some kick-butt Mrs. Hudson stories, and could always use one more.
Not a duplicate at all! I rather like the idea of Molly saving Sherlock. I just need to figure out a scenario in which it could happen. Star Trek was so easy for things like this - an away team has been kidnapped, oh no! Sherlock, on the other hand...
Totally easy! Molly follows Sherlock out the hospital door, just sort of enjoying being near him-- sees him get kidnapped! Hustled away by some shady characters. Obviously they have a knife. She can call for help, but doesn't dare let them out of her sight, so follows sneakily, whilst thinking about the chemicals she has in her pocket that would make a good distraction, or weapon--

A cinch! :D
Wow! I should talk to you about plot more often! That is easy, and also an excellent scenario. Now to acquire a Molly voice from somewhere...

Since you are good at this, I'm just going to throw an idea out here, even though I don't know if you read HP. Someone upthread suggested writing a story in which Narcissa Malfoy has realized or suspects that Snape is a double agent, and she does something to protect him from discovery. I started writing the story because I am rather taken with the idea, but I still need to figure out the exact circumstances...
Well, we already know Narcissa is a gutsy lady. Not everyone lies directly to the Dark Lord.

Draco is the key. Narcissa is all about Draco. If Narcissa suspects the Snape will help keep Draco safe, she'd do anything for him.

Haven't thought about this-- just throwing out ideas. But Snape is basically a decent man. If she observes him being decent-- sparing someone pain, a would-be victim of the Death Eaters, perhaps-- AND if that same act was overseen by a Voldemort toady-- she'd have to really get some big-time convincing in to protect Snape from the vengeance old Snake Nose is all-too-frivolous in handing out.

That's what I'm envisioning: Narcissa oversees something, Snape isn't even aware of her-- but she twigs that he's a decent guy, which is fine in her book, because that means he's more likely to protect Draco (she'd be right, too-- Snape protected Harry and his friends from the werewolf in #3, and he didn't even _like_ them! Whereas he's shown lots of preference toward Malfoy over the years).

Anyway, being no dummy, Narcissa now has to concoct a fabulous story about why Snape would be decent-- or he will MEET HIS DOOM!!!! HAHAHAHahahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Thank you for this! I was thinking along the same lines, especially about the potential benefits to Draco. I really like the idea of someone witnessing him showing mercy to a victim of the Death Eaters, especially if that witness were Bellatrix. She already thinks of Snape as a rival, and she'd want to see him go down. Naturally, she would tell Narcissa, whom she would expect to share her glee, and then Narcissa would have to do something to halt her sister's machinations -- of course, without revealing that she is anything less than 100% loyal to the Dark Lord. Thank you very much for the suggestion!
My sincere pleasure! It's fun, and WAY easier than writing the fic myself. :)