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Recs: 3 Harry Potter, 2 Sherlock, 2 Star Trek, 2 Torchwood

Good-bye, summer. Good-bye, endless time to read fan fiction. I leave you with the best things I have read this month.

Harry Potter
I Am Silver and Exact by amatara - Snape, gen
This fic creates an uncompromising but oddly empathetic portrait of Snape by exploring seven moments when he refused to show weakness. I liked the way the story progressed through his life, and I admired how clearly the author communicates that Snape is aware of both his strengths and flaws.

Let the Souls Wander by tosca1390 - Ron and Hermione, gen
A missing moment from HBP in which Hermione tells Ron her plan for her parents. With spare elegance, this story beautifully captures the sacrifices Hermione made for the war, and it gives us a rare glimpse of Hermione and Ron in a moment that has nothing to do with Harry at all.

If We Could Each Do One Thing by downjune - Draco/Luna
In the interest of full disclosure, this story was written for me, but I'd be reccing it even if it weren't. While Luna is imprisoned at Malfoy Manor, Draco and Luna have a conversation. It's a simple premise elevated by brilliant characterization. Draco particularly shines as someone who is aware of his flaws, doesn't love them, but isn't going to change them.

Your Moral Crisis is Stupid by etothepii - Sherlock/John, NC-17
Sherlock is asexual, and John is not. Naturally, this poses challenges for their relationship, and I appreciated how thoughtfully the author explored them. The Sherlock POV is particularly well-done.

Yes and No (5098 words) by faviconemungere - Sherlock/John, NC-17
I have read a lot of Sherlock/John getting together stories, and I'm getting a little tired of them – even the good ones. That's why it was such a pleasure to find this one. John comes home to find Sherlock dressed as a woman. Naturally, it's for a case; naturally, Sherlock is very good at it. Somewhat surprisingly, it's also a strategy to seduce John. I loved the way the author took such an unusual scenario and made it feel totally right for the characters, and sexy to boot.

Star Trek
London (6666 words) by faviconcosmic_llin - Riker/Troi
In canon and fanon, time travel stories are usually all wacky hijinks and hilarious cultural misunderstandings. This fic explores the gritty reality of being trapped in twenty-first century London with no money, no resources, and most of all, no visa. Bonus points for a villain that feels like it could have come out of a real Star Trek episode.

Edge of the Universe by ninhursag - Gaila/Kirk
In which Gaila is a humanitarian (with a big gun!) and Kirk is a Starfleet officer who cannot obey the Prime Directive, and they meet in the middle of a revolution. Yup, it's just as awesome as it sounds.

Wild with all Regrets (For S.S.) (3199 words) by faviconapiphile - Jack Harkness/Wilfred Owen, NC-17
If that pairing doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. Maybe the beautiful narration that really makes you feel like you're seeing through the eyes of a timid British poet? Or how vividly that narrative voice communicates the feelings of a repressed homosexual man in the middle of World War I? Give it a try; I promise you won't be disappointed.

The Opening Universe (The Awful Mystery) by golden_d - Jack, Suzie, OC's
OFC lovers, this story is for you. Before Tosh, Owen, Ianto, and Gwen, Jack commanded other Torchwood teams, and this was one of them. Told through the eyes of a young woman who falls through the Rift, this fic gets the dysfunctional family dynamic of Torchwood just right without feeling like a retread of the series. (Author warns for suicidal thoughts and behaviors)
There are lot of goodies here, I think. I'm particularly enamored of the Sherlock ones. I hope you find something you like :)
I generally love your recs, but these take the prize! What a collection of excellence! (And you found "Wild With All Regrets"! Before "Just Like A Waving Flag" that held the prize for "excellent fanfic that made rubynye cry the hardest.")
I'm so glad you liked them. I may or may not have spent the last two weeks of my summer devouring fanfiction, so I had a lot to choose from... And how could I not go hunting for the Wilfred Owen story?! It sounded far too amazing to leave alone! (And thank you for remembering "Just Like a Waving Flag"; you know it's a special story for me :)
Thanks for the rec! And I am excited for that Riker/Troi fic, it looks epic!
Thank you for the wonderful story :)

and I hope you like the Riker/Troi one - I thought it was a really neat perspective on time travel!
I'm glad you liked the recs!

And thank you for telling me about the quibbler report -- I hadn't seen that :)
I'm embarrassed to say it took me this long to read that Ron-Hermione gen piece, but I enjoyed it!