team 2

Fannish agenda

I just sent my big bang off to beta, which is terrifying and relieving all at once. Having written a Star Trek story that large, I think I am ready to play with my other fandoms for a little while. Although there is a fun event coming up next week, so...

(1) Sulu-Off at eppic journal on Tuesday! My writing mojo is feeling pretty drained since finishing the BB, but hopefully I can muster enough for a couple ficlets.

(2) Fix up my Sally Donovan story (Sherlock fandom). spikeface and I had several email conversations about it, so I think I understand what's wrong with it now.

(3) Check out rarepair_shorts for unfilled wishlists (HP fandom). I had a bunny for one of the requests, but it hopped away while I was out of town last weekend.

(4) Finish my story about how Gwen and Rhys ended up in hiding, but maybe I should wait for Miracle Day to finish so that it doesn't get jossed. (Torchwood fandom)

Oh, and probably I should, like, do some housework or get ready for school or something. I have to go in on Wednesday and students come next Monday.

What are you guys up to?
*raises hand*

I would be extremely interested in your take on #4, but waiting for MD to finish is probably a good idea.

And I'm super-excite for your big bang!
Oooh, it is off to beta! \o/

Sounds as if you have delightful prospects for fandom variety, I'd take the chances, we don't want you to burn out on Trek with boredom, after all. ;-)