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8 Multi-Fandom Porn Recs

I intended to write more porn before porn battle was over, but the house got hit by a small tornado and I was forced to spend forty-eight contiguous hours in my mother's company. Both the house and I survived unscathed, but I decided the best response was to drink a lot of wine and read a lot of porn...like thirty-two pages of commentfic porn, to be exact. And here are my favorites. No big write-ups here - basically, I think you should read these because they are sexy.

Baby Why Won't You Kill Me by minviendha
Angel has a dream about Buffy, and it is dirty, bad, wrong, and oh so good.

Hang You From the Heavens by sardonicynic - Mal/Inara
Mal comes to Inara on Unification Day.

Pas De Deux by vialethe - Mal/River
River here is adult and seductive, and Mal is beautifully willing to be seduced.

Harry Potter
We Can Work It Out, Or Not by downjune - Luna/Harry
This fic is so beautifully sex positive and so true to the voices of the characters. downjune always does a lovely Luna, and this story is no exception.

The Middleman
Untitled Art by ilthit - Wendy Watson/Lacey Thornfield
What is The Middleman? I have no idea, but this picture of a lady painting on another lady's boobs is beautiful!

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Game Theory (2166 words) by faviconLeyenn - Riker/Troi
Deanna talks about bondage over poker, which mortifies Worf but turns on Riker. Eventually, a bet is made.

Repulsion by nancybrown - Jack Harkness/John Hart/Ianto Jones
Hot, hot threesome hate sex FTW

What to Expect by nancybrown - Ianto/Tosh
Ianto and Tosh in a moment of the Year That Never Was. The sex is hot, but the gritty, post-apocalyptic atmosphere is even better.
I was forced to spend forty-eight contiguous hours in my mother's company

I am very, very sorry. Glad that you and the house are all right, though!
The Middleman is 1) Wendy's boss and 2) the titular character of a fun quirky one-season show about Wendy Watson, sidekick to, you guessed it, The Middleman. Lacey is Wendy's best friend and roommate, and they have a lovely buddyslashy relationship.