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July writing round-up

I posted a lot this month! Though, to be fair, most of it is ficlets. It was still fun though - it's been ages since I've had the energy to write so much.

Star Trek - Over 1K
Every Moment a Revolution - Amanda, Spock, Spock/Uhura
On a trip home, Amanda uncovers an old photograph of two women getting married. It means more to Spock than she expected.

No Roses on Vulcan - Amanda/Sarek
Faced with an unresolvable disagreement with his wife, Sarek seeks help from his mother.

At the Top of the Stairs, Waiting - McCoy/Uhura
Uhura must keep an injured McCoy awake while they await rescue from a damaged shuttlecraft.

Star Trek - Under 1K
Repeat Offender - Jim & Winona Kirk
The morning before one of Jim's many court appearances

Best Served Cold - McCoy/Chapel
Christine Chapel hates small children. Leonard McCoy knows it.

Forward This Generation Triumphantly - Gaila, gen
Gaila's sisters do a lot for her. Gaila knows that.

Prior Preparation - Pike/One
No matter how hard he tries, Pike's new first officer always seems to be one up on him.

A Velociraptor-Free Workplace - Kirk, Rand
There are no velociraptors on starships. At least, there aren't supposed to be.

Harry Potter
Different - Neville/Luna
Years after the war, Neville sees Luna again at Hogwarts and can't help but be drawn to her.

Not What Boys Do - Watson, gen
Boys don't kiss boys. His mother taught him that a long time ago.

Rapunzel - Gwen/Rhys
Isolated on the coast of Wales, Gwen tells stories. Mild spoilers for 4x01.