spock: logic is sexy

Some thoughts on writing porn

So apparently I will do a lot to avoid working my big bang. Even writing porn. I sat down at my computer, opened my big bang...and then somehow ended up at porn battle, writing femslash rarepair porn. And for me, that is a really, really weird thing to do. It's not that I hate porn; in fact, I quite like reading it. But writing it is another matter. If you want to know who I am, imagine me as Number One and Spock somehow melded together and then dropped in a kitchen. The two things I like best in the world are logic and food. The food doesn't come into the picture very often, but the logic rears its head a lot in my writing. When I try to get two characters together to have sex, my inner Spock wants to know if it is logical for them to be together in this way, for them to have sex in this particular moment, for them to have sex in that particular position, and so on and so forth. Then the voice of reason tries to take over the writing process. No, really, the voice of reason. It asks me if perhaps these characters would like to have a Socratic dialogue instead of sex because apparently this is my real porn. (I put it in my request forms all the time, and no one ever obliges me. It is my sad, lonely, too-geeky-even-for-fandom kink.) In the event that the characters are not sufficiently Vulcan to have Socratic dialogue, my inner Spock then wants to know if they would like to form and unexpected friendship (see The Place Where They Have to Take You In, the Kirk/Sulu's mom porn that never was) or perhaps have an unexpectedly deep conversation about their life experiences (see At the Top of the Stairs, Waiting, recycled from a failed attempt at we're-about-to-die-so-let's-fuck-on-a-shuttlecraft porn). See, some people can figure out how to combine porn and characterization, but I'm not one of them (unless I'm writing full-length Pike/One stories, in which case you're on). I would like to be that person, but I'm just not. Intellectually, I get that the way two people have sex says a lot about who they are. But actually writing that? It never works out, and because of that, I find writing porn strangely unfulfilling. Like the porn I wrote today. I think it came out okay, but I liked writing the dialogue best, and the rest of the action was just stuff I had do to in order to post the story. My major satisfaction stems from the knowledge that I'll get to add another pairing tag to my tag list, and I suspect this is not the point of writing porn for most people.

Oh well. At least all these procrastination methods have been fannishly productive. I've got two actual, real substantive stories out to beta right now, and hopefully I'll get to post them sometime next week. I'll post the porn I wrote tomorrow, after I proofread it one more time for pronoun issues. And then I will work on my big bang...or fill a Hermione Granger/John Watson prompt I saw lurking around somewhere.
And see here I am admiring the hell out of your Socratic dialogues, because mine turn into porn.
And I am admiring your porn because it contains characterization, and I have *no idea* how to do that. If only we could be combined -- then we would have Socratic dialogues followed by well-characterized porn!
It's funny, in my fannish ~evolution~ I've gotten less and less interested in the porn and more curious about how the characters got there. And I've always found romantic/erotic moments between characters, the ones that reveal their feelings and motivations, much sexier than the porny parts.

So porn battle is actually pretty fun because the background is assumed or implied -- more room for writing the sex!
more curious about how the characters got there.

This is me too. Even if I set out to write porn, I get so curious about how they got to the point of having sex that I end up writing a whole story about it, and then I'm too tired to write the porn!
I like Socratic dialogues, too, and I think we're not alone, it's just that they're hard to write well.
Porn Battle is an excellent diversion from the actual stuff I'm signed up to do. I will do anything to avoid working on fest fic until the last possible moment, so I hear you there.

I like writing the porn, but it's more that I like writing what's going on in people's heads leading up to and during the porn. I hardly ever go full-out and hardcore with my descriptions of the acts themselves, because that's not super interesting to me. In any case, dialogue is much more fun to write.
I like writing what's going on in people's heads leading up to and during the porn.

This is something I think you do well, and I haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. That, and I get really hung up on how much I need to describe the acts in order to make the story acceptably porny for something like porn battle.