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The not going there meme

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Everyone has things they write about. Everyone has things they don't write about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't write about, but you'd like to hear about.
Yeah, I'm afraid I'm probably never going there. I just don't have slash goggles for this fandom.
I would actually love to see more of your conception of bisexuality in your stories (in part because I think my conception is so obvious from mine.) (And yes, this is me choosing not to tease you by saying 'slash' and instead giving a true answer.) I've seen lots of fascinating stuff about queerness but except for Gaila not so much about the subset that is bisexuality.

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It's on the way, bb. That ficlet I wrote about John Watson's mother telling him not to kiss boys is expanding...
Here, have a random scene from it because talking about it will help me. IDK to what extent you are familiar with the new BBC Sherlock, but John Watson has a sister who is a lesbia, and she goes by Harry. I wrote this conversation between them as teenagers. Now I need to figure out where I want the story to go. IMHO John does not seem all that comfortable with people thinking he is dating a man, but I do not want the story to be all internalized homophobia and woe. Anyway, enough nattering, have a snippet:

“Myrtle Johnson said she saw you snogging Patrick Wilde in the back of the cinema last night.”

John stuffs his magazine under the covers hastily. Naturally, it's Harry's magazine, and not the sort of magazine he's supposed to know that she has.

“Hey, haven't you heard of knocking? There's a sign on the door, you know.”

Though, come to think of it, HARRY KEEP OUT had probably just urged her on.

Harry ignores him, which isn't surprising, and instead asks, “Is. it. true?” biting off each word as though he's too stupid to understand them.

“Well, yeah, I suppose.” He shrugs his shoulders. “D'you reckon a lot of people know?”

Harry bites her lip, and for a second she looks almost worried.

“No, I don't think so. Not yet. How could you be so stupid, John?”

That's more like the Harry he knows.

“It wasn't stupid. I like him.”

“But you like girls too, right?”

John thinks that's an obvious question. Georgina Miller's got long black hair all the way down to her waist, and she wears cable knit jumpers that pull tight across her chest, and Sally Gregory's legs go on for days. Yesterday Amy next door had smacked him for staring to long at tits while he asked her out. Of course he likes girls.

“Girls are brilliant,” he says, not quite able to stop himself smiling stupidly.

“And you like them more than boys? Or at least as much as boys?”

“I don't know, Harry. They're just...different. I like them both.”

It wasn't some kind of algebraic equation where X represented the amount he liked to snog girls and Y represented the amount he liked to snog guys and he could solve for the exact difference. Suddenly his head hurt. Harry was talking to him about something that mattered, which was odd enough, and worse, he had that strange sensation he often got when he talked to girls, like they were saying something very important he couldn't quite grasp.

“I've seen you look at them, John. Girls, I mean. I know Amy smacked you the other day.”

“For fuck's sake, do you know everything? What do you do, follow me around collecting gossip?”

Harry rolled her eyes.

“Don't flatter yourself. But, John, listen, you like girls enough. I know you do. That means snogging boys is stupid. If you're lucky enough to pass, then you should.”

“What does that mean?” he asks. He's not worried for himself; he'll figure things out. He's worried suddenly for his sister, whom he has never seen looking small or desperate but who looks both of those things very much now.

“It means, John, that if you get by without people pointing and staring every time you want to hold someone's hand, if you can get through your life without Mum pointing out every bloke on the street and saying, 'Oh, he's looking quite nice now that he's got over his spots, didn't you see?' and Gran won't ask you if you're quite sure you just haven't met the right guy every time you see her, like
suddenly all that matters about you is who you sleep with...well, if you can get through your life without those things, you're lucky, and you're stupid if you throw it away for a snog in the cinema with Patrick Wilde.”

John feels his mouth open and shut a few times; he looks like an idiot, but he hasn't got any idea what to say. Harry just shrugs her shoulders. She won't meet his eyes anymore.

“If you don't see it now, try having a couple boyfriends. Then you will.”

Her voice is so hard and matter-of-fact that now John's the one who can't look at her; he doesn't want to see what her face looks like now because she's awful, but she's his big sister, and he doesn't quite know how to see her hurt. He hears her soft footfalls on the carpet, and then the door closes behind her. He spends the rest of the night staring into space.
Oh my word. Thank you for sharing this with me. I feel like I should say something sensible and analytical, but I'm trtying not to cry so hard my roommates catch me.
secretsolitaire beat me to it.

Actually, I take that back. I'd love to see you write about guys and how they interact with each other, as opposed to how they interact with women. Could be slash or gen. Could be familial (father and son, brothers) or friendship.

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I actually do have some stories like that, but none of them are finished. I think I showed you the one where Sulu is telling Kirk that his sometime-girlfriend is pregnant? And the WIP I posted the other day about Sulu thinking his mom is dead has a Sulu and McCoy and a Sulu and Spock scene.

I feel like it's hard to get bunnies for genfic about guys in this fandom. I definitely do identify strongly with female characters, but there are also tons more places to post stories about female characters in ST XI. Then if you add all the fests and such at where_no_woman, well... If you leave me some prompts, I'd play with them! I have a million WIPS now, so it might be awhile before they got finished, but I am in a writing mood for sure today.
I vaguely remember that one about Sulu and Kirk, but I don't think I saw the WiP.

IDK, I find plenty of places to post my gen fics, even the ones about guys. Definitely the bigger comms like st_reboot. I've even posted gen fics to kirk_mccoy.

Hmm, prompts. Well, how about Kirk and McCoy becoming friends at the Academy? By the time they board the Enterprise, they really seem to trust and rely on each other. How do they get from warily sharing a flask to that?
Hrm. Maybe it is a problem that my genfic stories about guys are all about Sulu, who does not really have a comm of his own? I feel like I always get a much better audience for my genfic about ladies because there is where_no_woman, plus all the character-specific comms.
He doesn't, does he? When I wrote my one Sulu genfic, I think I only posted it to st_reboot. There's one genfic community, but I'm blanking on its name. Most of my stories are about some combination of Kirk, McCoy, and Uhura (and sometimes Winona) so it's usually easy to find homes for them.

Also, maybe some out and out porn, if that's the sort of thing you want to do.
Hm. You're right, I don't write much fluff, although the Amanda/Sarek story I posted today felt awfully fluffy to me. As for porn, I actually have a rather large pile of half-finished porny bits. The trouble is that I get, erm, excited when I write porn and then I have to do something to distract myself, and then it never gets finished. Well, that and I have to get to know my characters very well before I take them to bed, so the proportion of genfic stories to porn is always going to be rather high.