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Miracle Day Episode 2: Way, way better than episode 1

Summary: So much better than last week! This is a series I want to watch. So many amazing female characters to love!

Okay, so let's start with the ladies. I am always happy when I find strong female characters, but I am even happier when I find lots of different kinds of female characters. In my experience, the latter is much harder to find than the former, but this season of Torchwood is really working for me in that regard. We have Gwen, who is a BAMF action heroine, but also a wife and a mom -- a wife and mom who, sometimes by choice and sometimes not, leaves her husband at home for her glamorous job, something we don't see a lot of in our media. Then there is Vera, who is an intellectual BAMF with a take-charge personality and leadership skills, plus intriguing bits of backstory. (I want to know about the ex-husband who's always hitting her up for sex and drugs - is there fic yet?) Esther, on the other hand, comes off as a sweet everywoman who just happens to work for the CIA, but I like the way they have used that so far. In a lot of shows, she would have escaped from headquarters with explosives and fisticuffs, but she gets out by being nice. Not even flirty, just genuinely nice. And these are just the good ladies. On the side of evil, we have Lyn, who is terrifyingly sleek and efficient (in spite of that ridiculous Exorcist-style shot of her at the end of the episode). And Lauren Ambrose! I can tell she's going to be exactly the sort of "bad" character I love -- the type that is so thoroughly and unrepentantly herself that I can't help but like her.

Some other things:

Rex is really beginning to grow on me. It's like what I said about Lauren Ambrose's character -- he's not a good guy, although he's fighting on the side of good. Yet, he is so thoroughly himself that I have to respect him...in an odd and horrified sort of way. I loved his bullshit scene.

Jack/Gwen really annoyed me in the initial Torchwood series because it felt contrived -- here is our heroine, here is our handsome hero, clearly they must have some sort of unresolved sexual tension. Now, after this many years and this many adventures, I find myself believing that Jack and Gwen really do feel something for each other. I loved their little conversation on the plane, and I hope that their feelings for each other finally get some resolution. Normally, I would be worried for Rhys here, but I hated him so much in episode 1 that I kind of hope Gwen leaves him.

And Gwen! Yes, I know the science was bad. I still loved watching her rip up the plane and brew the antidote in the airplane coffee pot. 50% pure, blind terror and 50% kicking ass and taking names -- the perfect combo for a scene like this. I am watching a show about a formally immortal time traveler investigating the disappearance of death. If I'm going to buy that, I'm not going to bother worrying whether it's really possible to brew an arsenic antidote from ingredients found on an airplane.

Now I need to go find some previews to watch. I cannot wait for next week!
So glad it's working for you better now. I agree, there are a lot of women characters all over the spectrum and it's a nice change from the vast majority of sci-fi shows.

Aw man I loved twisty-headed Lyn though!
Yay! I'm so happy you liked! *squees with you*

Esther's exit from the parking garage was perfect; you're right and I'm glad you pointed that out to me.
I agree! It's a really nice balance of characters so far, and I'm enjoying all the new kickass women
Who the hell attempts to poison someone with arsenic, I ask you? HAS NO ONE READ MADAME BOVARY? Arsenic is slow, really slow, and painful and messy. The CIA can't come up with something better than arsenic? Like, oh I dunno, cyanide? WHICH SHE ALSO HAD IN HER BAGGIE?????!

Actually for me, like almost none of the rest, the twisty headed CIA agent made it feel like the Torchwood I know and love. I'm looking forward to further character development.