hp: luna lovegood

Dear Luna, I am going to write you a story.

Went to the HP midnight premier last night in my hometown, which means I saw the film with, well, a bunch of hicks. The man behind me kept saying Narcissa Malfoy looked like a pimp. I have lots of thoughts about the film, which mostly boil down to "why do I feel like I'm watching a Jerry Bruckheimer film?" Those thoughts may or may not get posted here because my really, deeply important thought is LUNA IS AWESOME. I mean, I knew that, and anyone who has read any of my HP stories knows I think that, but the movie just reminded me of that even more. So I have decided that I want to write her an action adventure epic quest thing of her own in which she is the heroine, and I want it to be massive. Well, massive for me anyway, which is like Big Bang length. I have two ideas, which are not terribly different and which may one day be fused together:

(a) In which Luna is the chief Chosen One of the story, and Harry Potter, now the Head Auror, is baffled to find himself as her sidekick. Of course, when Luna appeared at the Auror office with evidence of this evil thing/big bad/ancient mystery, it sounded rather far-fetched, and of course Harry didn't believe her. Now he regrets the choice.

(b) In which Neville and Luna run into each other some place very far from home and must band together to fight something or someone evil.

What is missing is the idea for what this evil person/thing/mystery is, which is why I am posting here. I need some brainstorming help! At this point, I am open to just about anything, though I'm hoping not to write about more Death Eaters.

PS - The picture prompt meme has thirty-five responses now!
new evil person thing should be a squib who knows quite a bit about magic doing things they shouldn't in the muggle world. Namely, committing crims and murders and horrible unspeakable acts using the principles of magic, threatening the secrecy of the Wizarding World.
I like the idea of doing something with muggle/magical relations from the comment above.

Another idea would be to do something related to magical creatures. Esp. the clearly sentient ones (like goblins, house elves, and for this purpose werewolves, etc.).
Rowling gives us a world where these creatures are clearly discriminated against. All those years later in the epilogue nothing seems to have changed about that, which I don't think is necessarily unrealistic, but one way I WOULD have thought that an epilogue like that made sense would have been to showcase little house elves boarding the Hogwarts express for example.
The way the prejudices against house elves are presented in the book makes it unclear whether they really ARE naturally subservient (except for a few exceptions) or whether this is total bullshit, just like similar sentiments about human slaves were. One of my pet theories is that in this case there is some truth to these statemts, but that htey haven't always been true, and that house elves were MADE to be as they are by magic. In a similar way being a werewolf is due to the werewolf CURSE. So there could be a storyline about freeing elves from the magic that makes them HOUSE elves, about destroying te werewolf curse (and what the result would be, no more wolf, or maybe something similar to wolf animagi) or something like that. (Possibly there is backlash against werewolves after the war, because many faught for Voldemort, or does Lupin's hero status manage to improve things?)

Luna totally seems like the kind of person who'd take on a millenia old curse that nobody ever thought it possible to do anything about, because "that's just how things are!" and she'd simply see that it's not that way.

You could of course also do something about goblins, centaurs, giants (were they always dumb?) etc. or some other magical creatures, sentient or non-sentient.
Man, I would read the hell out of your second idea. Neville is awesome. Luna is awesome. THEY FIGHT CRIME.
Yes, please!
What exactly do we need to do to get you to write these stories? Hmmmm?

*puppy dog eyes*
well, if you want 'far-fetched' how about some really, really old and sounding both obscure and completely unprobable curse cast - supposedly - by some old 'evil wizard', who's existence is, according to the scolars of the wizarding word, questionable?
This is a tough one for me, as I've wanted to write Luna as the hero, too, now for awhile and haven't had any luck. I wish that she had joined their infiltration of Gringotts from Shell Cottage, after she saw how exhausted and beaten down they all were.

I'm really bad at coming up with villains, because I never have any sympathy for villains.

Anyway, I was always fond of the Lovegood's suspicion of the ministry, and the Quibbler's pro-Harry (pro-rebellion) slant. But then, I love it when any character comes out anti-state.