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Picture prompt meme

The picture prompt comment meme I posted yesterday is still open for both prompts and fills. I also indexed all the fills by fandom for ease of browsing. I wrote six fills, and I feel vaguely embarrassed by that for some reason. On the other hand, it means that I'll have lots of stories to post, and a couple of them are even proper stories over 1,000 words.

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to run comment fic memes. I love checking my inbox for new prompts and fills, and afterward, I get to do my favorite thing in the whole world: make an obsessively organized list. (Why yes, I did alphabetize the index by author as well as by fandom.) The listing pleasure is probably uniquely mine, but I think the other benefits of running a comment fic meme would apply to everyone. I hope some of you will consider doing it. I do so love the excuse to write ficlets!
I haven't had time to fill any prompts yet myself, but I plan on it tonight and tomorrow! It's such a cool idea, using the photos.
Well, it's an X-Men story. I know what it's about, but the sentences aren't flowing. It seems to want to be third-person omniscient, and I keep telling myself that that is legitimate option. :)
My BB is third person omniscient. In general, it's not my favorite POV, but sometimes being able to see different perspectives is what your story needs. Even Neil Gaiman agrees - I saw a post about it in his blog once :)
The thing is, the POV is tighter in my head. I need to rework the sentences I've already written. I was going to go with Alex's voice (he's power-blocked at the moment) but I'm starting to think Erik's might be easier (he's trying to help).
I love lists, too, and yours is really useful right now that I have time to peruse the fills and leave feedback. Thank you for hosting! :D