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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: A Multifandom Comment Fic Meme

Have you seen a hot photo at Sex is Not the Enemy and you wish there were a fic to go with it? Is there a still from your favorite series that needs a story to accompany it? Do you have a vast stockpile of pictures of outer space that would make amazing back drops for a sci-fi story? Well, this is your place! You're invited to post an interesting picture prompt in the comments and to write stories for pictures that others have left.

The rules are simple:

1. For leaving prompts: Please post only one picture per comment. The picture is the only prompt you are leaving; please do not include fandoms, characters, plot ideas, etc. If your picture is potentially triggering or not safe for work, please post a link to it and include an appropriate warning/rating in the subject line.

2. For writing fills: Please include a title, fandom, and any relevant warnings/ratings in the subject line; also include characters or pairings if they fit. Your fill may be any length, and if it is too long for one comment, feel free to use multiple comment boxes or link to a posting on your journal.

3. You may leave up to five prompts, even if you do not intend to write any fills. You may leave one additional prompt for each fill you write.

4. Multiple fills for one prompt are welcome and encouraged!

5. Any fandom, character, pairing, or genre is welcome.

Have fun and pimp this around! I will continue updating the list of fills as new stories are posted.

The Abhorsen Chronicles
Pulled Under by ceitfianna - Sameth, PG

Blade Runner
But Then, Who Does by yeomanrand - Deckard, (past Deckard/Rachael), PG

Deconstructed by crazedcrusader - Faith, PG

Heaven is a Stranger Place (Than What You've Left Behind) by sardonicynic - Mal/Inara, PG

A Hole in the World by yeomanrand - Olivia, PG (spoilers for end of season 3)

The Giver
Unknown But Remembered by jactrades - Lily, G

Harry Potter
To Be a Ribbon in Your Hair by ceitfianna - James/Lily, G

She'll Play Her Heart to a Drumbeat by dynastessa - Bellatrix Lestrange, PG

Different by igrockspock - Luna/Neville, PG

The Forest by lyras - various characters, G

So Close That Your Eyes Close As I Fall Asleep by eppic - Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG-13

De L'Eau by yeomanrand - Ariadne, PG

JC's Avatar
North and South by ashen_key - Trudy, G

Safety Net in a Chaotic World by ashen_key - Trudy, OC (deals with sexual assault)

Untitled by eppic - Merlin, Morgana, PG

Lessons My Father Taught Me by eppic - Arthur, Uthur

In Ourselves and Our Stars by sour_idealist - Gwen/Morgana, PG

Lamppost by thistlerose - Susan, G

Mnemosyne by yeomanrand - Lucy, G

Percy Jackson
He Extends an Olive Branch by crazedcrusader - Percy/Annabeth, PG

Pirates of the Carribbean
Destiny Never Likes the Wait by lyssie - Elizabeth/Calypso, light R

Connor/Abby Friendship by aradne

Resident Evil
Wonderland is Off the Grid by yeomanrand - Alice, PG

Prac-Work by ashen_key - Angie, Jill, PG

Little Details by exiled_mind - Sherlock, Watson, Lestrade, PG-13

Not What Boys Do by igrockspock - Watson, PG

Stargate SG-1
Sunlit Honey by campylobacter - Sam/Vala PG

Star Trek XI
When JJ Came to Town by hellokatzchen - Pike, fictionalized JJ Abrams, G

Best Served Cold by igrockspock - McCoy/Chapel, PG

Forward This Generation Triumphantly by igrockspock - Gaila, OFCs, PG13

At the Top of the Stairs, Waiting by igrockspock - McCoy/Uhura, PG

Prior Preparation by igrockspock - Pike/Number One, G

Every Moment a Revolution by igrockspock - Amanda, Spock, Spock/Uhura, PG

A Velociraptor-Free Workplace by igrockspock - Kirk, Rand, PG

Repeat Offender by igrockspock - Jim Kirk, Winona Kirk, PG

Spermatophytes by jactrades - Kirk/Sulu, PG

No One Had These Problems in the Old Days by livelovehump - Kirk, Kirk/Prime, PG

Oh, Let Me Have Just a Bit of Peril? by thistlerose - Kirk, Sulu, and Aphrodite, light R

Adventurous by yeomanrand Winona Kirk, PG

Like A Prayer For Which No Words Exist by eppic - Dean/Castiel

In a Language Only Hair Can Speak by charcoalfeather - Rapunzel/Eugene F., PG

Ordinary by igrockspock - Gwen/Rhys, baby Anwen, PG

Warehouse 13
Sing Your Song About Pie by minkhollow - Pete and Leena, PG (spoilers for season 3 premiere)

Green and Growing by minkhollow - Claudia, Steve, PG

X-Men: First Class
Like a Queen by ashen_key - Angel, PG-13

To post images, you will need two things: the "img src=" tag, and the location of the picture. To get the location of the picture, right click on it and choose "copy image location." Then go to the comment box, right click again, and click paste. The image's URL ought to appear in the comment box. Then type img src= in front of it, and enclose the whole thing in < >. Your final product will look like the example below, but with < > instead of [ ].

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If your picture is on your hard drive, you will need to upload it to the internet somewhere like photobucket or your LJ, then follow the instructions listed above.
Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
When Neville Longbottom – Professor Neville Longbottom actually, thank you -- saw Luna Lovegood ten years after the war, she was breathtakingly different and reassuringly the same. She was also asleep in the faculty lounge, which gave him plenty of time to study her. Not in a creepy way, mind, but in the sincere way that an honest man might appreciate a beautiful woman.

The fashion of wizarding Britain, such as he was aware of it, called for long and elaborate plaits, but she had cropped her hair as short as a boy's, which paradoxically emphasized the girlish delicacy of her features. He wondered when she'd gotten those high cheekbones and adorably upturned nose, but then, maybe she'd always had them and he'd been too busy staring at her hot pink glasses and butterbeer necklaces instead. By which he meant that he'd been too busy trying to fit in to notice the beautiful woman who wasn't afraid to stand out. And stand out she did. She had arrived at Hogwarts this morning wearing an orange Muggle singlet totally out of keeping with Scotland's damp and drafty climate. People had stared; it was hardly the outfit one would have expected of a guest lecturer at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but she had simply smiled and waved at them all. It wasn't the old dreamy smile Neville had remembered but a confident one that betrayed a small sharp edge of annoyance at the small-mindedness of the people around her. Neville fingered the rim of his gold pocket watch, which dangled from his very proper navy vest, and felt just the slightest trace of envy. Yes, he was Neville Longbottom, who had slain Nagini and lead the battered remnants of Dumbledore's Army against a regime that would have happily tortured them all to death. Yet, he did not know and could not imagine being different in all the ways that Luna was. He wore his Order of Merlin medallion to fit in, not to stand out.

When his fellow professors had vanished from the lounge, Neville rose from his chair by the fire and transfigured the couch cushions beneath Luna's head into soft feather pillows with a delicacy that Professor McGonagall – god rest of her soul – would have admired. By now, he could see the goose pimples rising on Luna's bare arms, so he slipped off his jacket and transformed it into a bed sheet. From the pocket of his trousers, he withdrew a strand of tiny green leaves and draped it over the pages of the book that Luna had fallen asleep reading. With a soft pitter-pat, the leaves scattered themselves across the lines of arcane text and then, with a gentle sigh, settled themselves into the crevice of the spine. Maybe she would know who had left them there, maybe she wouldn't. He did know one thing for sure: they were beautiful, and she deserved them.

Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
Happy sigh.

(I was so disappointed that there was no Neville/Luna in the books...)
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
I was always a Luna/Harry shipper myself, but someone left me a prompt for this exact scenario ages and ages ago...

Glad you enjoyed it!
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
With a soft pitter-pat, the leaves scattered themselves across the lines of arcane text and then, with a gentle sigh, settled themselves into the crevice of the spine.

Lovely! <3
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
a confident one that betrayed a small sharp edge of annoyance at the small-mindedness of the people around her

Oh, Luna, all grown up. ♥

This is beautiful. And I love that Neville does all that without expecting anything in return.
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
Thank you! I have not written this pairing before, so it means a lot that you liked it!
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
Lovely! And I love this picture --Chris Van Allsburg, one of my favorite children's book writers/illustrators.

And I love Neville's quiet admiration for her. She deserves it, and he would have the good taste. :)
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
Thank you! I had no idea who the artist was or where it came from; it just looked like Luna. (Though from later comments, I gather the subject may actually be a boy?) Glad you enjoyed the story :)
Re: Fill: Different - Harry Potter, Luna/Neville
This is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect Neville and Luna grown up.