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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: A Multifandom Comment Fic Meme

Have you seen a hot photo at Sex is Not the Enemy and you wish there were a fic to go with it? Is there a still from your favorite series that needs a story to accompany it? Do you have a vast stockpile of pictures of outer space that would make amazing back drops for a sci-fi story? Well, this is your place! You're invited to post an interesting picture prompt in the comments and to write stories for pictures that others have left.

The rules are simple:

1. For leaving prompts: Please post only one picture per comment. The picture is the only prompt you are leaving; please do not include fandoms, characters, plot ideas, etc. If your picture is potentially triggering or not safe for work, please post a link to it and include an appropriate warning/rating in the subject line.

2. For writing fills: Please include a title, fandom, and any relevant warnings/ratings in the subject line; also include characters or pairings if they fit. Your fill may be any length, and if it is too long for one comment, feel free to use multiple comment boxes or link to a posting on your journal.

3. You may leave up to five prompts, even if you do not intend to write any fills. You may leave one additional prompt for each fill you write.

4. Multiple fills for one prompt are welcome and encouraged!

5. Any fandom, character, pairing, or genre is welcome.

Have fun and pimp this around! I will continue updating the list of fills as new stories are posted.

The Abhorsen Chronicles
Pulled Under by ceitfianna - Sameth, PG

Blade Runner
But Then, Who Does by yeomanrand - Deckard, (past Deckard/Rachael), PG

Deconstructed by crazedcrusader - Faith, PG

Heaven is a Stranger Place (Than What You've Left Behind) by sardonicynic - Mal/Inara, PG

A Hole in the World by yeomanrand - Olivia, PG (spoilers for end of season 3)

The Giver
Unknown But Remembered by jactrades - Lily, G

Harry Potter
To Be a Ribbon in Your Hair by ceitfianna - James/Lily, G

She'll Play Her Heart to a Drumbeat by dynastessa - Bellatrix Lestrange, PG

Different by igrockspock - Luna/Neville, PG

The Forest by lyras - various characters, G

So Close That Your Eyes Close As I Fall Asleep by eppic - Harry/Ron/Hermione, PG-13

De L'Eau by yeomanrand - Ariadne, PG

JC's Avatar
North and South by ashen_key - Trudy, G

Safety Net in a Chaotic World by ashen_key - Trudy, OC (deals with sexual assault)

Untitled by eppic - Merlin, Morgana, PG

Lessons My Father Taught Me by eppic - Arthur, Uthur

In Ourselves and Our Stars by sour_idealist - Gwen/Morgana, PG

Lamppost by thistlerose - Susan, G

Mnemosyne by yeomanrand - Lucy, G

Percy Jackson
He Extends an Olive Branch by crazedcrusader - Percy/Annabeth, PG

Pirates of the Carribbean
Destiny Never Likes the Wait by lyssie - Elizabeth/Calypso, light R

Connor/Abby Friendship by aradne

Resident Evil
Wonderland is Off the Grid by yeomanrand - Alice, PG

Prac-Work by ashen_key - Angie, Jill, PG

Little Details by exiled_mind - Sherlock, Watson, Lestrade, PG-13

Not What Boys Do by igrockspock - Watson, PG

Stargate SG-1
Sunlit Honey by campylobacter - Sam/Vala PG

Star Trek XI
When JJ Came to Town by hellokatzchen - Pike, fictionalized JJ Abrams, G

Best Served Cold by igrockspock - McCoy/Chapel, PG

Forward This Generation Triumphantly by igrockspock - Gaila, OFCs, PG13

At the Top of the Stairs, Waiting by igrockspock - McCoy/Uhura, PG

Prior Preparation by igrockspock - Pike/Number One, G

Every Moment a Revolution by igrockspock - Amanda, Spock, Spock/Uhura, PG

A Velociraptor-Free Workplace by igrockspock - Kirk, Rand, PG

Repeat Offender by igrockspock - Jim Kirk, Winona Kirk, PG

Spermatophytes by jactrades - Kirk/Sulu, PG

No One Had These Problems in the Old Days by livelovehump - Kirk, Kirk/Prime, PG

Oh, Let Me Have Just a Bit of Peril? by thistlerose - Kirk, Sulu, and Aphrodite, light R

Adventurous by yeomanrand Winona Kirk, PG

Like A Prayer For Which No Words Exist by eppic - Dean/Castiel

In a Language Only Hair Can Speak by charcoalfeather - Rapunzel/Eugene F., PG

Ordinary by igrockspock - Gwen/Rhys, baby Anwen, PG

Warehouse 13
Sing Your Song About Pie by minkhollow - Pete and Leena, PG (spoilers for season 3 premiere)

Green and Growing by minkhollow - Claudia, Steve, PG

X-Men: First Class
Like a Queen by ashen_key - Angel, PG-13

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Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril?
Star Trek: XI
Rated: teen+
Kirk, Sulu, the goddess Aphrodite (implied threesome)
Sort of inspired by "Who Mourns For Adonais?", sort of inspired by "Monty Python & the Holy Grail," mostly inspired by the gorgeousness of Gina Torres

Sulu had expected to find Kirk alone. He’d asked the Aleirans how many of their people were guarding the Temple of Love, and they’d replied serenely, “None.”

So. When night fell over Aleira, he’d scaled the temple walls, climbing hand over hand toward the one lighted window in the stony façade, anticipating one of the easiest rescues in Federation history. He probably could have used his phaser to break the lock on the front door, but he’d wanted to exert a little bit of energy retrieving his captain; he had a reputation after all.

Once inside the temple, he’d found Kirk more or less as he’d expected to find him: naked and bound to an altar that actually resembled a bed made out of gold, his oiled skin glistening in the light of the hundred or so candles that surrounded him.

But he wasn’t alone.

A woman was seated beside him on the bed. Even in the dim lighting, Sulu could tell she wasn’t an Aleiran; she was too tall, for one thing, and her skin, visible through the diaphanous white gown she wore, was a warm brown. She was leaning over Kirk, stroking the slick skin of his chest with an elegant hand.

“Um,” said Sulu. He’d meant to say, Let’s get the hell out of here! but Kirk really did not look like he wanted to be going anywhere. Even if he weren’t sporting an enormous erection, the half-lidded eyes, the flushed cheeks, and the worried bottom lip told Sulu all he needed to know about his timing.

Or did it? He wondered – briefly, wildly – if Kirk had been drugged. Then the woman turned and Sulu saw her face and every closed door inside his heart sprang open at once to let her warmth and beauty in.

“Uh,” he said, but then his tongue got stuck to the roof of his mouth and he could say no more.

The woman extended a long, graceful arm toward him and beckoned. “I am the goddess Aphrodite,” she said in a voice like smoke and honey.

I know you are, Sulu thought, and he knew that the thought was ridiculous, but he also knew that it was right.

“Please join us.”

She had the biggest, darkest eyes he had ever seen, and lips like rose petals. He wanted to trace them with his fingertips. He wanted to slide his tongue between them and just lose himself in her.

He shook himself. “Kirk,” he croaked. “I came here to save you?” He didn’t mean for it to come out like a question.

For the first time, Kirk seemed to notice him. His head lolled against the altar-bed’s silk draping, and his eyes half-focused on Sulu’s face. His brows pinched together above the bridge of his nose. “Can it wait?” he asked plaintively.

“I assure you,” said Aphrodite, still addressing Sulu, while her fingers played across Kirk’s chest, making him groan, “no harm will befall you or your captain. All who come to worship at my altar are welcome, and may leave – if they so choose – when they are satisfied.”

I didn’t-- Sulu thought, but his tongue was stuck again.

On the altar, Kirk tilted his head back as his eyes fluttered closed. The candlelight turned the tips of his lashes bright gold.

Aphrodite beckoned again to Sulu.

Bits and pieces of his training buzzed in his brain, then fizzled. What was he, made of stone? Look at his captain. Look at this goddess.

Spock, McCoy, or Uhura will save us if they have to, Sulu thought as he reached for the zipper of his pants.

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Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
This is hilarious, and your Sulu voice is awesome!
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Thank you! It took me a while to find Sulu's voice.

I've had this scenario in my head for a while. Sometimes Salma Hayek plays Aphrodite, sometimes Gina Torres.
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Oh, bb, YES. This fills me with glee and delight from Sulu's awesome witty voice to Jim's oiled lusciousness to the magnificent radiant sexiness of Aphrodite as played by Ms. Torres. *beams and hugs you happily*
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Yay! I'm so glad you liked it, bb. I've had this scenario in my head for a while (with Gina Torres and Salma Hayek alternating as Aphrodite) but your gorgeous picture gave me the push I needed! ♥
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Um, not sure you intended it that way - but: guuuuh. :D

It's really funny to consider the reaction of the next rescue team, hehe.
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Oh, I intended it that way! *g*

Bones or Uhura would pull them out of there by their ears. Spock would raise one eyebrow and say "Fascinating."

Thank you!!
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Absolutely adore your Sulu voice! And, uuuuuuuh, great scene you painted here.
Re: Fill: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril? (ST: XI, Sulu, Kirk, & Aphrodite, rated teen+)
Thank you! I like putting Sulu in ridiculous situations like this; he's so unflappable.