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Torchwood: Miracle Day Reaction Post (spoiler free)

The first time I saw Gwen, I was instantly suffused with warm fuzzies. Here was a character I love, whom I had thought I would never see on the screen again, and she was there in front of me. I knew that seeing Gwen was not the moment that most Torchwood fans were waiting for, but let me tell you, I was so fucking happy because Gwen is amazing, and she will always be one of my favorite female characters. That happiness lasted for about one minute, and then I got bored.

Here's the thing: what was great about Torchwood was never the action, it was the characters and the team and the sense of humor. Episodes like Cyberwoman and Countrycide were great because the action had real emotional consequences for people whom I cared about -- people who, however unusual their jobs, were people I could imagine meeting in real life too. That was not the case with the first episode of Miracle Day, and I got bored. This wasn't a bad action movie; that might have been campy and fun. It was a dull action movie, and that's just disappointing. Yes, the purpose of this first episode was probably to explain Torchwood to an American audience who wasn't familiar with it. The unfortunate assumption was that this new audience needed information instead of emotion. They will know who Captain Jack Harkness is now, but why should they care? He wasn't funny, vulnerable, witty, or over-the-top. He's just a generic-looking action hero with a chiseled chin and a predilection for vintage clothes.

Maybe it will get better. Maybe the new characters will be fleshed out, and maybe that will restore the team dynamic that Torchwood always had. It's not there now though, and I felt the loss of Ianto more than I expected. Three is enough for a team. I liked the atmosphere of CoE; it felt like a small, bereaved family pulling together in a way that both hurt and healed. That's missing from the first episode of Miracle Day though, and without it, the show has no heart.

It wasn't all bad. Gwen and Rhys have the same chemistry they've always had, and the same achingly believable conflicts. The new doctor lady is really cool, and I hope we get to know her better. For now, though, I feel flat and disappointed, and if the show doesn't improve quickly, I doubt I'll finish the new season.